July 8, 2008

Sivik Day!

Sivik day was gr8 but very tiring. i was lyke drained on friday! as you'll know we performed bunyi gitar by p.ramlee and I had to sing with khairul and divya. I guess the performance went gr8 seeing as to we probably got booked for the cadets dinner. But it was seriously embarassing. But i would like to thank everyone that sticked with us to the end of this performance...hahahaha.. u know who u;ll are :)
Anyways after that we had to sell our martinis/punch. Lyke seriously at first no one dared to buy our one of a kind drink. So we lyke lowered the price to 50 sen. But still no one wanted to buy just because the rim of the cup had sugar sticking on it we were actually trying to get the martini with salt thingy going on. It was lyke seriously delicious no joke! But unfortunately no one in our so called coo-forward skool had actually seen a martini....
our official first customers were like ourselves. hehehe. When we actually had real customers it was lyke this 2 form 4 guys lah that lina managed 2 persuade em'to buying our martinis/punch. They were like okay but they were hesitant to actually drink with the sugar at the side. I was like just drink it lah its GOOD! Lina was like minumlah.. sedaaap. Then they were like standing at the side of our stall. Me, Lina, QM,and alliya were acting busy..hahaha so not...i'm not sure whether me n lina were the only ones to actually hear them say quoting here
"sedap ah bodoh". I was like grinning and lina was too. Mission accomplished!
After that we got ambushed by like tons of form 4 and 5's. Because i guess word had gotten out that our stall had the next in thing in beeJay. hahahaha
ppl were like u guys r the ones selling the punch with sugar thingy ryte.. and we were like hell yeah!
it was DAMN fun but tiring!..hahaha
after that we had to clean up our stall...so like towards the ending Haziq had on his sunglasses from the performance and was playing a guitar in his baju melayu....hahahaha and guess wat our queen of mean atyra said.. quoting here"orang buta mana kat KL ini" hhahahhhaha... but seriously he did kinda look like that... hahaha haziq knows this so its alrite...
sivik day was gr8!:)