January 30, 2009

Losing Friends 2 Gain Parents Back!

Hey guys,
Today MRSM results keluar and well i didnt apply cos i didnt want too. But my friends did 2 of them did and they GOT it. Idid say congrats to them but i'm sad REAL sad. I dont know why
but here are some basic fond memories of them.
Idzham - Yes this dude was the noisiest on the block during Form 1 used to despise him cos he made so much of noise and was sitting behind me. But later on i simply found him very funny and nice to talk too. Form 2 he got less noisier but he had this"THING" hahah. He thought of himself as half BRAD PITT and TOM CRUISE and mix em together you get HYM! He even wrote it on his cup during class party! Form 3 he got even less noisier yet always a nice person! Idzham now you better make sure you follow my blog and comment a lot!

Khairul- Yes this guy never in a million years would i have guessed i would have been sad to get this pest from my face. Hahahah. Yes khairul you get on my nerves everyday but yet your a gr8 fren and a funny person to talk to. When ur sane! This dude has been the party go-er for the whole 3 years i know him. Though these days he seems to get more shy by the second really dont quite get that KHAIRUL. Anyways LONG LIVE KHAIRUL!!! PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST!
You too remember to update ur blog and comment on myne!

Now for my parents. Who if yall didnt know already went to PARIS and LONDON! For 2 weeks leaving me and my sis to rot at home. Well they are coming back home tomorrow noon. Honestly i hope they have tons of presents or not their so not forgiven! Hhahha well mostly! But i do kinda miss them but my hectic life as a super student doesnt allow me to fully miss them. But i WANT ME GOODIES !!!!

** Khairul honestly never in a million years would i have thought i would be sad if u left! hahaha
*** I'm so gonna miss two of the above!
**** Thank gawd alliya tak dpt :P hahahhah
***** Parents i want ME GOODIES !

Out & About,

January 29, 2009

My Top 10 Guy Crushes

Hey guys,
Wow 4 post in a day. A total record broken! Gasp! Anyways anyhows the list below show that we're not exactly Lesbians cos mainly theres 10 guys to a ratio of 5 girls well wtv in the hell im crapping its just crap ! So bare n trust me if ur straight this list should be googled INSTANTLY!

1. Ole Sorensen ( model that rules my life)

2. Cesc Fabregas (true Man Utd fan but he's way too hot to resist :P)

3. Nemanja Vidic ( yes yes i admit Football is also watched by me for them but i LOVE the game)

4. Taylor Lautner ( Jacob Black is myne myne muahahah)

5. Chace Crawford ( sorry QM he's hot )
6. Chris Martin ( Coldplay = LOVE)
7) Jensen Ackles ( Supernatural HOTTIE )
8) Rafael da Silva ( hot Man Utd protoge )
9) Sam Way ( model esque')
10)Josh Duhamel ( arghhhh he's married!)
** I love this post now all my hot guys are wrapped into one bubble wrap!
*** They are hot arent they! Wuhoot!
Out & About,

My Top 5 Girl Crushes

Hey guys,

Yes here i am 3 posts in a day. 2 of which involves ppl being gay or lesbian. How fun. My crazy friends were talking about this club GAYBIAN ruled by our leader Khairul! So here we are posting our top 5 girl "crushes". Repeating i'm not gay we're not gay the only thing we are is crazy! But then again that shouldnt be shocking to anyone familiar to us ryte girls?

1. Hayley Williams ( Paramore's leadsinger)
2. Taylor Swift ( Girl who writes beatiful lyrics)
3. Coco Rocha ( model )
4. Leighton Meester ( GoSSIP Girl)
5. Katherine Heigl ( Izzie )

**note we're not LESBIANS we just like doing crazy thing ;)
Out & About,


Hey guys,

Today im goin to lay this issue of my chest RACISM. My friend QM has touched this many times seeing as she is half malay- half chinese. Im an Indian and yes i have had racism comments aimed at me. My note to all THOSE ppl look in the mirror before you jude anyone else simply cos no matter what colour your ass mayB your heart is still the pitchest of black! Point here is god created every being with their own reason and specialities so no matter what people might say everyone is God's creation. So learn to respect others and to those who think their colours mean the world to them F.Y.I your head is way shallow so get it checked. Yes you should not stereotype people because doesnt mean one person is like that the whole bunch is the same! Just saying! I have always blended in with friends from various races and right now three of my frens are malays and one is chinese (close circle). But i know people dont think i'm in their "gang". WHY? I know why and you know what its a stupid stupid reason. Heres it Because I'm An INDIAN! Wow shocker huh? NAWT MUCH! So racist ppl of the world just STOP and look at urselves okay?!

Today i also wanna raise my opinion on being a Gay or Lesbian. People always make this such a big deal and all but heres my opinion its NAWT. I may not be gay but i just dont seem to understand why people treat this people like total weirdo's. I mean its their life choice not exactly ours and in my opinion being a Thief, Rapist, and what else are much much worse than being Gay or Lesbian. Take note that once again its another person's life choice for example : Would you want a fish-o-fillet or McChicken?! Are you into pop or rock?! Get what i mean?

* People should stop and live in HARMONY stop RACISM!
** Everyone is gods creation and everyone should be treated equally!

Out & About,

Badminton or CRACKMINTON

Hey guys,
Today morning me and my sis went to my aunts house for a prayer turn to tea party. Anyways i was praying it wouldnt rain i mean after the amount of drama that i had to handle the least i could get was to play a match. Anyways as usual being the partygo-er i am i arrived at 5:30 which was the time i set the game for but alliya and lina thought i was late as usual they were too early. (I'm always FASHIONABLY on time)

Badminton was cool but we couldnt play as long as we would have liked cos it did eventually rain but i think we managed a solid hour or more within that time. Anyways little kids did attack me like majorly but it wasnt my fault they had a PROBLEM who cares! So apparently Khairul forgot his mini-skirt so he couldnt do cheerleading and ended up playing as well. Note to khairul dont forget your Mini's next time!

Anyhow later on when me and faisal went against Divya, Amirul and and Muiez i had to agree Me and Faisal were much better though Faisal did seem like he was on Crack maybe thats why we were good seeing as i had 20 Shots yesterday and he was on crack. On the whole it was a good plan and good game( though alliya was dressed for football and i was from a part)

* We should do this more often guys
** Lina & Alliya got major stuff to tell that tak sempat tadi
*** QM i did try calling yah! hahahah
**** Sigh i have to do all my homework esok
***** My parents are coming bak from London on Saturday evening (i want goodies)
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January 26, 2009

Something To Ponder Upon

Hey guys,

I'm gonna keep it short and simple this time around. Yesterday i went out with my aunt & uncle together with the little cuzzins and we watched InkHeart, We were actually supposed to go to the Scream Park but realised it wasnt worth it. So at InkHeart we ended up so heres my

The movies is good for viewing pleasures as in its not magnifique' but it has a good storyline and can be quite witty(with dustfinger and the ali bab kind character). The movie starts off with a man who has the ability of making whatever he reads out loud come true ( a silver tongue) He looses his wife 9 year before when he read the book tittled Inkheart. So when he reads the characters from the book come out and in excange his wife goes on the book. And the story continues with his and his daughters pursuit of getting back their mother from the book. But everytime the find one Capricorn(lame name) burns them. So watch the movie to know the rest!

I love Dustfinger's character!

Anyways for this past few day well more like 2 my i just realised that i might have a talent in consoling ppl. I mean i kno i have a tacky but usefull gift of solving problems ( not mathematically ones) but real ones. Anyhow once again another gift yet to be unuseful for me and my life. BTW guys if you havent already heard this dude check him out.

MATT NATHANSON ...... especially recommended for James Morrison Fans particularly.

Today funny from me:

Little boy: Mummy mummy two ppl come to collect for the old folks home.
Mom : Oh
Litlle Boy: I asked them to come later when Grandma's around!

Out & about,

January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year ... Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Hey guys,

Today is Chinese New Year and i would like to wish all my peeps who celebrate a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Dont forget my ang paus when you see me cos honestly im running out of CASH!


-especially to Sze Yan, Shaun, Weng Hoh, Hsi Teng & Sher Lin

** red is the new black on chinese new year!

Out & About,

January 24, 2009

Future Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei, & Rafael Nadal

Hey guys,
So last Thursday we had our extra-curriculum and it was Sports. This year i took badminton well just like what i've choosed for the past years and never went. But somehow this time around i managed to pump up my lazy friends lina and alliya to come with me(muahahah). The reason why im even bothering is just cos if i hope to get a scholarship i need to at the very least PASS my extra-curricular activities. So there i was at the Guthrie hall pumped up for badminton? Admiting KINDA!

So heres what happened, after school me and Lina went back to my aunts house and had lunch. Lina was amazed to see how nice and bubbly family members i have. Well duh they are related to me so do the Math Lina(muahahaha). Then we had already planned to meet up with Divya and walk to the Guthrie Hall. So when we headed to Divya's house her mom offered us a ride since it was SUPER hot. So we as in me and Lina being the lazy ppl of the world just grinned and went along. Then we reached the Guthrie Hall awaiting Alliya whom had gone home to bath and have her lunch. So while waiting we played sharing the court with Amirul and some other guy. Both of the guys were practically killing the shuttlecock you could hear the thumping. Me and Lina were like? SCARED! Lina actually got hit by the shuttlecock SMACK on the face and also got hit by my racquet SMACK on the head. Sorry LINA!

Then Alliya calls claiming "WHy In THe Hell are You guys Not here" My phone which had no battery was to be blamed so i said "ThEre Was A AnnOunCemenT dIdNT yoU hEaR?" she just grunted and put down the phone. I was like?? Oooops WEI SHENG!!!! He's to be blame what kind of president did i nominate! Giving ppl wrong info! (Just kidding wei sheng). Anyways Alliya came with teacher and all the rest of the students acting all Innocent (just kididng) She was mad at us and did her signature move *the pause TICKLE TICLKE TICKLE* Okay the whatever we were okay and played.

Later teacher called all the ppl who were supposed to be *wakils* to play and shine and show their talent bla bla bla. So we just sat at the side. First was Wei Sheng, Jeremy against Amirul and Hafiz(i tink). Wei Sheng and Jeremy won kinda like *duh*. And yeah Wei Sheng has some seriously messed UP skills! Didnt believe that till i saw it :D. Then Divya managed to pursue teacher to let us play, we played hardly a few seconds and got chased out thats how good we were i guess(wakakaka). Lina & Alliya had to go and Divya was busy playing with some dude from Mercury so i didnt have anyone to play with. (LAME Much) After awhile Divya was like lets play this dude seriously SUCKS(wakakakka) So i played with her in the middle of both the nets and looking like total WEIRDOS( mainly ME).

The guys were so possesive over their playing spaces and didnt wanna give in at first but Divya convinced them. I saw my cousin and felt kinda sorry for him so i *Invited him to play* as well. So me, Divya, and Jason with my cousin played. Divya was so semangat i was kinda half dead and just wanted ice water BADLY! HEY i aint no LEE CHONG WEI or LIN DAN! After awhile we finally decided it was time to go so we went back and guess where we ended up after tea in my aunts house Me Divya my Cousin and her Cousins and her Brother went to rabung playground and playd Badminton AGAIN! And Sadezsh(my cousin) finally thought me to serve properly(serving is my weakest points) NO JOKE!

So after a long long day i felt really happy really tired and soaking in sweat HOW FUN! MayB?!

** Now for my tittle?!

- Lin Dan & Lee Chong Wei = me in the very near future but mayB in a tanner version!

- Rafael Nadal = The way i served were more of tennis shots ppl have actually asked me if i do Profesional Tennis! But thats so not true cos i have never touched a tennis racquet like ever but bye to tennis shots hello to badminton ones!

**** Nadal is kinda hot though*****

Out & About,

January 21, 2009

Coldplay = LOVE!

Hey guys,

I'M official declaring an major NEWS i love Coldplay and i really really really want to see them perform and the only way thats gonna happen is if they come to Malaysia ofc. The good side is there's a rumour flying around of the news that Coldplay will be coming to Malaysia for the Sunburst Festival and me and my friends want to catch it badly!

Coldplay's song have been running throught my mind like beyond 24/7 its an addiction. I have always loved them but recently got more physcho for them i mean like its COLDPLAY for freaking sakes!!!!! I love Coldplay! I love Chris Martins writing of sons it has deep meanings.

So here's the deal i wanna know whether this rumours are true! So plllleeeeaseee tell me any information you got because im this close to going mental for no absolute reasoning! I just wanna know if they are coming to Malaysia no matter where it maybe i wanna see COLDPLAY live they are so cool in all ways ever!

I plan on writing a huge sign asking Chris Martin to marry me and hopefully he doesnt answer cos well im a messed up being. :P Just kidding i wanna see them play LIVE ! I mean like they are so not SEXY (in dressing) because guys never are so they are so no reason to BAN them! I will go hysterical if they ever ban em'! I mean most of their songs are based on nature peace enviroment and stuff like that so you can say their an EMO band! You just cant!!!!

Lost Lyrics!

Just because Im losing
Doesnt mean Im lost!
Doesnt mean Ill stop
Doesnt mean I'm across

Just because Im hurting
Doesnt mean Im hurt
Doesnt mean I didn't get what I deserved
No better and no worse

I just got lost
Every river that I tried to cross
Every door I ever tried was locked
Oh and Im just waiting til the shine wears off

You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesnt mean youve won
Cause a long may come
A bigger one

And youll be lost
Every river that you tried to cross
Every gun you ever held went off
Oh and Im just waiting until the firing stopped
Oh and Im just waiting til the shine wears off
Because I'm...Oh and I, just waiting til the shine wears off
Oh and I, just waiting til the shine wears off

SO thus I want TO see COLDPLAY LIVE!

Out & About,

January 19, 2009

Leo Grrrr~ :P

Hey guys,
You'll must be wondering wow two post in a day?? Well im really bored and when im on9 i usually have not much to do since my myspace which is active but very boring is there. Plus my facebook and friendster are no better so here i always am blogging. So this time i'm gonna break my Zodiac sign just for fun and curiosity.

So heres the deal I've been getting you know those pesky forwarded e-mails and since im so so bored i actually open them. Thus i've noticed a patern almost everywhere and anywhere may it be whenever i read my sign its always the SAME and always SO ME. Anyways here is just one of the many similar readings i've had. I'm admiting beforehand that i do believe in this kind of stuff mostly just for fun though so hear me out kay.

LEO- The Boss (July 23 - Aug 22) Very organized. Need order in their lives - like being in control. Like boundaries. Tend to take over everything. Bossy. Like to help Others. Social and outgoing. Extroverted. Generous, warm-hearted. Sensitive. Creative energy. Full of themselves. Loving. Doing the right thing is important to Leos. Attractive.

Heres the breakdown of all things similar ~ and mayB not so similar
First of all I AM THE BOSS!

-Organised me? Definately NO!
-Need order in their lives? Definately YES!
-Like being in control? Hehheh HELL YEAH!
-Like boundaries? Only for other people!
-Take over everything? Hmmm I'd like to think NAWT but it mayB true!
-Bossy? Hehehehe HELL YEAH unfortunately!
-Likes to help? YES
-Social & Outgoing? YES to ppl im good with!
-Extroverted, Generous, Warm-hearted? SOMETIMES!
-Sensitive? YES over the top sometimes as well :D!
-Creative energy? ONLY in talking not those artsy fartsy stuff!
-Full of Themselves? :p
-Loving? YES
-Doin the right thing? Yeah i do that a lot except when its Prefect stuff :P
-Attractive? I look the lion above muahahaha :D

Out & About,

January 18, 2009

Must hear Music?!

Hey guys,
Well first of all i'm so majorly bored totally outta my mind kinda boredness. And i have to do my modern maths homework which is loads F.Y.I tnx to me leaving my book under my desk for the whole weekend. Plus my History notes are getting way much for my handling. Somehow i just am in the mood to blab. So shall we begin?!
Taylor Swift - Lovestory
- An awesome song. I have no idea why but its just stuck there in my head and the next ting i know im humming to it the song ofc. Its just so infectious you might call it? And its not only me, my friends who are totally against mainstream songs hum it along with me. I'm not gonna post the lyrics on my blog but im gonna suggest guys out there READ the LYRICS. Then you'll get it and maybe the girl you want. MayB( no assurance) :D
- This band is simply stellar as i might say. Almost every guy on Earth wants Hayley Williams and every girl on Earth wants to make her their girl crush. Plus their songs have a nice mix in between genres though rock is mainly their genre. I mean what else is there to be said, if you have ever seen a Paramore concert( may it be live or not) you would totally get what im saying. I admit to not seeing them Live and really hope that they come to MALAYSIA already but you never know what stupid ruling might stop them. On the whole this is an Gr8 band.
Thats all my music updates for now so lets move on to my day today an how absolutely
unmagnific it was.
First of all being a prefect sucks, yes they might be perks and stuff but its anything but fun though i have to grind my teeth and suck it in just cos i have my own reasons. Well today for example it was terrible the screaming the new assignments and stuff. But i didnt feel the pinch unlike Hsi Teng that much. Cause im used to it so is she but she takes criticism hard, my poor friend. Anyways class was a better cheer up case for both her and me we madeit funny like we always do. School = Funny except when a certain fudge teachers teaching.
Secondly i have so many views from ppl around the world but none of ya'll leave a comment? Why? I promise not to bite as a matter of fact share the LOVE comment as blog stalker says. :D

Thirdly Heroes season 3's last episode is premiering in Malaysia on Thursday ......... im happy its over the pain of watching the show ruin its credibility Sucks MAJORLY! Hopefully next season gets good again i cant even count the amount of episodes i missed this season.

Fourthly when in the hell is the new Supernatural season coming out in Malaysia!!!!!??!!!!

*** I have officially no p.p.s today oh yeah i made an enemy with a bitch today! The JOY :P

out & about,

January 17, 2009

American Idol

Hey guys,
American idols new season started this wednesday. And as usual the hilarious were plenty just cause it was still in the audition process of the whole show. There was a new judge Kara something and ppl seem to agree wit me on the something. So dont worry im in the exact boat as you, i guess time would only make us remember it. Hahahaha

Anyways on wednesday there was an audition by this guy who had viual impairments (semi blind). Semi as in he can only see a straw's worth of image at a time. So he had to learn how to play the piano all by memorising it and stuff and he played really beutifully. Thus i really wanted to hear him sing and he was actually pretty good. There was quite a bunch of talent within this 4 states this time. There was also equal drama like the girl fight within Kara and the girl in the bikini, the screamers who get pissed, the CHEERLEADING dude. It was a lot but New York always gives the bests of drama each year as we know.

Anyways last year i was all for David Archuleta and adding i hated David Cook duh! But once AI ended and i stopped hating him just cause. Anways David Archuleta is doing ten times better than him currently and plus ppl should stop comparing them since their genres are as different as fire and water. So i stopped comparing as well and both of their singles are good but as crush was more of a favourite for me. So who will be IT this year??

Im not quite sure ...so lets just see!

Out & about,

From Paris to London

Hey guys,

Basically today is Saturday and we actually HAD SCHOOL! And i had freaking had to go because if i were to not too then well lets just say homework way too much too cope with. So while most of you may be partying the day out tomorrow i'll be stuck home doing bundles of homework! Golly the fun!

Anyways today my parents left to PARIS, FRANCE! Yes im not joking and no they're seriously not here. Hmmmm why didnt i follow? When i beg or even ask them their reason is that when they were our age they never got on an plane. HELLO parents of the world that was THOSE days not these day so try to uderstand. Of course saying all these seems much easier on the blog thus IM STILL IN MALAYSIA! Golly the fun again!

School was funny as usual and also very very very tiring! Me, and QM spent most of the day laughing about a certain GB. Of which im not saying who all i can say is ??!! Nothing yes nothing. So back to topic parents are in Paris then they're going to London! Golly the fun again and again FOR THEM! cos im still stuck here.

Anyways all i can say is parents should not be allowed to go to countries with rory's just cos they dont know how appreciate them. And we do! And they are the main ATTRACTION of those countries! Well who cares as said pish posh! Oh yeah my parents even made my wound of not going, deeper by saying that they are going to london to check out if its good for me to study in the future. But unlike all the other rich spoilt kids in the world i'll have to get a scholarship which is a.k.a very hard but im gonna try my best! :) PROMISE!

I wanna be a kickass LAWYER forMyself hahahah and QM when she goes to jail :P

***check out the new layout you like?! I love :D

*** OMG mAN uTd just beat Bolton they're on top of the table with a game in hand i need Liverpool to loose to Everton! So pray fellow blog readers

out & about,

January 14, 2009

Tv Shows (Heroes & Supernatural & 90210 & Gossip Girl)

Number 1 totally SUPERNATURAL then Heroes though heroes seems to be fading by seasons!!
so not cool! Gossip girl thanks too QM!!! hehehe!!! And 90210 is just fun!
*** guilty TV watching pleasures!
out and about,


**mostly in the bathroom and never in public and even if im caught singing i'll fake it! Lol! So a future in singing NAAAH but just for fun YAAAH
Out and about,


Another major guilty pleasure but not as much as well MAN UTD! But a guilty pleasure non the less!
*** Love JAcob and Edward!!!

Manchester United

Man Utd now, forever and till i die!!!!
**** My most a.k.a number 1 guiltiest pleasure!!!! EVER!


Paramore = coolest band right now!!!
** Super guilty pleasure!!!! DEAL WITH IT!

out and about,

Linkin Park!!!!

** an old guilty pleasure that still makes me jump out of my seat!!! LP all the way!!!
out and about,

Nemanja Vidic!!!!

** not so guilty pleasure of my fav player VIDIC!!! Weird but i dont care he's hot!

*** he and fabregas are both no. 1 but he might just beat fabregas cos his an MAN U player duh!

out and about,

Pink Tech Stuff!

**guilty pleasure's of pink **P

out & about,

Clearing of posts!

hey guys and girls,

So im kinda sick of seeing my own sad posts and messy blog alife So im doing a 101 bloggy make-over! Well nuthing so fun but i just wanna clear my pages from all those depressng posts so bare with me and EnJOY THE RIDE!

** btw i'll post pictures of whatever that interests me till blog posts are clear! So get to know me better i guess! wtv's works for me.

out and about,

January 4, 2009

Judgements Are NOT what sweet little girls are MADE of

Hey ppl,

First of all the topic wth is Sharanya blabbing bout THIS time. Well not much actually. This week was the first week of form 4. Yeah FORM FOUR! I am in 4 Beta it a pure science class. Basically one week in pure science have made me into a cmplete CRACKO HEAD. Bad stuffs equal me alliya and lina losing our other half as we say. Though QM's appealed to enter science back so we would only know it hopefully this week.
It was way confusin i mean like??? kind of confusing. But i think we got the right class for our personalities because if we were to be in EPS well simple story short the PRESSURE is probably 10-20 times higher. But that doesnt make much of a big deal because 4 Beta is supposedly the same as 4 Epsilon. Well it took a while to get used to it and i think i still AM NOT USED TO "it".
But maybe something good will come from change as the saying goes "change is inevitable".
So me,lina,alliya have had a "box" around us??? And yes its a VERY strong box. Oh yeah hsi teng's probably in it too because she's sitting next to me and stuff. We warned her but she says she doesnt mind "it" so we're cool. Our class is dominated mostly by the Alpha's seeing as to how practically our class was divided into 3 places. Easy math you simply dont end up with too many in one class. Lina and alliya are worried about socializing maybe im included but too be honest i know "socializing" is sooooooooo gonna be hard for us. WHY???
Lina: Very blunt (bt she said she is working on it hahahha)
Me: They said i look serious and quote "snooty"??? PPL the SNOOTY face is thanks to being a freaking prefect so its NOT MY FAULT! Those who know me well im anything BUT SNOOTY.
Hsi Teng: Well ppl are just scared of her though i think she's really friendly except when its prefect stuff hahahah right hsi teng.
Alliya : hmmmmmmmmmmmm simply unlucky for having "US" as friends hahaha.
Hmmmm so i dont know okay ppl dont blame ME. First of all if i dont know you lets make this clear im not THE REAL ME. Theres actually a pretty high wall at the front door. BUT im really NOT SNOOTY come on snooty???!! That word and me dont even match....! SERIOUSLY!
Well Add Maths is effing HARD! And phyics well im plain bLURED out bout it s forgive me. The only subject i'm enjoying is MORAL? Because i can see SZE YAN! Though she's got a new best friend AMIRUL! hhahaha just kidding! But I know SCIENCE STREAM is no play and its gonna be hard but i have to cope if i EVER WANNA HAVE A CHANCE OF GETTING A RORY!
*form 4 is not a honeymoon year. REPEAT: FORM 4 NOT A HONEYMOON YEAR!*
Out & About,

January 3, 2009


Hey guys,

So tomorrows school starting how BLURGGHH. I so wish i was in ITALY too ha :D. I think i'm ready for the new school year all pumped up to open a clean page a fresh start or whatever you may wish to call my new studying year.

Just the other day my aunt was saying so you can rest for like 4 months or so then start studying. And i was like HELL NO! I said im gonna start from now. So hopefully that would be done! hhahah honestly i dont trust myself but i feel a strong sense of willpower so hopefully it works.

Yesterday i went out for dinner and told my dad if im adding ACC and LIT it would make the amount of subjects im taking 12! He laughed he actually LAUGHED!! Hmmm okay maybe i'm a bit physcho to take 12 so my plan is to try out both and see which one is easiest for me and makes me fall in love with it. TADAA!!!

See the picture above that where i wanna be right now somewhere COLD hahahaha

**oh yeah from now on i will restart my HAPPY posts once again sorry for dampin ur moods my fellow blog readers for this past few posts**
out and about,

January 2, 2009

Blog Awards

Hey guys,

First of all thanks QM for giving my Man Utd blog the award! I'm not sure how this works but this are my top 4 blog that I LOVE to go to!

1) Qm's My flip Flap Tales - http://www.qmthelunatic.blogspot.com/

2) Lina's Blogger to Hell - http://www.nurlinashah.blospot.com/

3) Najiha Hakim's Her Inner Thoughts - http://www.najihahakim.blogspot.com/

4) Diamond's My Pretty Pink Blogette - http://www.myprettypinkblogette.com/

**you guys have gr8 blogs and if you see ur name above then feel free to list ur own fav blogs at ur own blog!! And pass on this award!!!

out & about,



Hey ppl,
Happy New Year!!! Sorry for the super late post been very busy depressing and bringing in the new year with a whole gush of ME BEING A BETTER PERSON!
New Year Resolutions:

1) Study and play HARD but STUDY HARDER!

2) Be the best Man Utd blog and well my own crapping blog as well!!!

3) Loose weight

4) Dont get B's

5) Maintain my annoying frens:))) Just kidding love yah guys!!!

oh yeah and SUE as many ppl out there:)
out and about,