January 4, 2009

Judgements Are NOT what sweet little girls are MADE of

Hey ppl,

First of all the topic wth is Sharanya blabbing bout THIS time. Well not much actually. This week was the first week of form 4. Yeah FORM FOUR! I am in 4 Beta it a pure science class. Basically one week in pure science have made me into a cmplete CRACKO HEAD. Bad stuffs equal me alliya and lina losing our other half as we say. Though QM's appealed to enter science back so we would only know it hopefully this week.
It was way confusin i mean like??? kind of confusing. But i think we got the right class for our personalities because if we were to be in EPS well simple story short the PRESSURE is probably 10-20 times higher. But that doesnt make much of a big deal because 4 Beta is supposedly the same as 4 Epsilon. Well it took a while to get used to it and i think i still AM NOT USED TO "it".
But maybe something good will come from change as the saying goes "change is inevitable".
So me,lina,alliya have had a "box" around us??? And yes its a VERY strong box. Oh yeah hsi teng's probably in it too because she's sitting next to me and stuff. We warned her but she says she doesnt mind "it" so we're cool. Our class is dominated mostly by the Alpha's seeing as to how practically our class was divided into 3 places. Easy math you simply dont end up with too many in one class. Lina and alliya are worried about socializing maybe im included but too be honest i know "socializing" is sooooooooo gonna be hard for us. WHY???
Lina: Very blunt (bt she said she is working on it hahahha)
Me: They said i look serious and quote "snooty"??? PPL the SNOOTY face is thanks to being a freaking prefect so its NOT MY FAULT! Those who know me well im anything BUT SNOOTY.
Hsi Teng: Well ppl are just scared of her though i think she's really friendly except when its prefect stuff hahahah right hsi teng.
Alliya : hmmmmmmmmmmmm simply unlucky for having "US" as friends hahaha.
Hmmmm so i dont know okay ppl dont blame ME. First of all if i dont know you lets make this clear im not THE REAL ME. Theres actually a pretty high wall at the front door. BUT im really NOT SNOOTY come on snooty???!! That word and me dont even match....! SERIOUSLY!
Well Add Maths is effing HARD! And phyics well im plain bLURED out bout it s forgive me. The only subject i'm enjoying is MORAL? Because i can see SZE YAN! Though she's got a new best friend AMIRUL! hhahaha just kidding! But I know SCIENCE STREAM is no play and its gonna be hard but i have to cope if i EVER WANNA HAVE A CHANCE OF GETTING A RORY!
*form 4 is not a honeymoon year. REPEAT: FORM 4 NOT A HONEYMOON YEAR!*
Out & About,

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Najihah Hakim said...

argh i'll be missing a month's lesson!imagine being me!