January 26, 2009

Something To Ponder Upon

Hey guys,

I'm gonna keep it short and simple this time around. Yesterday i went out with my aunt & uncle together with the little cuzzins and we watched InkHeart, We were actually supposed to go to the Scream Park but realised it wasnt worth it. So at InkHeart we ended up so heres my

The movies is good for viewing pleasures as in its not magnifique' but it has a good storyline and can be quite witty(with dustfinger and the ali bab kind character). The movie starts off with a man who has the ability of making whatever he reads out loud come true ( a silver tongue) He looses his wife 9 year before when he read the book tittled Inkheart. So when he reads the characters from the book come out and in excange his wife goes on the book. And the story continues with his and his daughters pursuit of getting back their mother from the book. But everytime the find one Capricorn(lame name) burns them. So watch the movie to know the rest!

I love Dustfinger's character!

Anyways for this past few day well more like 2 my i just realised that i might have a talent in consoling ppl. I mean i kno i have a tacky but usefull gift of solving problems ( not mathematically ones) but real ones. Anyhow once again another gift yet to be unuseful for me and my life. BTW guys if you havent already heard this dude check him out.

MATT NATHANSON ...... especially recommended for James Morrison Fans particularly.

Today funny from me:

Little boy: Mummy mummy two ppl come to collect for the old folks home.
Mom : Oh
Litlle Boy: I asked them to come later when Grandma's around!

Out & about,


keero! said...

its sound great.
i wanna go watch!

Shanya said...

You shud bes gak ah!