January 29, 2009

My Top 5 Girl Crushes

Hey guys,

Yes here i am 3 posts in a day. 2 of which involves ppl being gay or lesbian. How fun. My crazy friends were talking about this club GAYBIAN ruled by our leader Khairul! So here we are posting our top 5 girl "crushes". Repeating i'm not gay we're not gay the only thing we are is crazy! But then again that shouldnt be shocking to anyone familiar to us ryte girls?

1. Hayley Williams ( Paramore's leadsinger)
2. Taylor Swift ( Girl who writes beatiful lyrics)
3. Coco Rocha ( model )
4. Leighton Meester ( GoSSIP Girl)
5. Katherine Heigl ( Izzie )

**note we're not LESBIANS we just like doing crazy thing ;)
Out & About,


QM said...

hailey is so hot! luv her man!

lalloya said...

go taylor and hayley!
haha dis is fun

A. K. said...

You should add Avril Lavigne also!

Shanya said...

Haley is soo hot n cute!!! Ahhhh n taylor is a superb songwriter!! Avril is funky she's in my top 10!

keero! said...

i like paramore n taylor swift too.
they are great

Shanya said...

YUp they are!!

Najihah Hakim said...

i love leighton meester and katherine heigl!

Shanya said...

ME TOO! They are cute:)

Til said...

Haha, the girl at the bottom is HOT!

Shanya said...

HAhahah SHE IS! :D