January 3, 2009


Hey guys,

So tomorrows school starting how BLURGGHH. I so wish i was in ITALY too ha :D. I think i'm ready for the new school year all pumped up to open a clean page a fresh start or whatever you may wish to call my new studying year.

Just the other day my aunt was saying so you can rest for like 4 months or so then start studying. And i was like HELL NO! I said im gonna start from now. So hopefully that would be done! hhahah honestly i dont trust myself but i feel a strong sense of willpower so hopefully it works.

Yesterday i went out for dinner and told my dad if im adding ACC and LIT it would make the amount of subjects im taking 12! He laughed he actually LAUGHED!! Hmmm okay maybe i'm a bit physcho to take 12 so my plan is to try out both and see which one is easiest for me and makes me fall in love with it. TADAA!!!

See the picture above that where i wanna be right now somewhere COLD hahahaha

**oh yeah from now on i will restart my HAPPY posts once again sorry for dampin ur moods my fellow blog readers for this past few posts**
out and about,

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rory said...

hahah study hard and smart. and say in ur face Luzah!