May 25, 2012


The memory: Ampang McDonalds will forever be the best McDonalds there can possibly be :)
*p.s. note the Ghost Head :P
The Memory: Our first concert together, Foster The People. The unruliness of the crowd was definitely a spoiler but the fact that we were together made it seem bearable. 
This one's for all those phone calls and for being such a dependable person in my life :)
P.S. This is a super unflattering picture of me HAHA!
Lol I loved this picture because it just feels like some FRIENDS or HIMYM promotional poster. We should really try living together and film it.
P.s. I just realised whose hand is that positioned weirdly on qm? HAHAH cant be mine :P
Ahhh this must be one of those Modern Maths tuition days. The times of just laying on the beds and just sharing our worries of the world and just random problems. 
This is a more recent picture. Your last year birthday :D Rest be assured after exams the birthday celebration is going to be bigger than the one last year and more scandalous :P 
I'm noticing a consistent trend we have with our Thai Food obsession. How many times have we been to this place? LMAO! 

P.s. Now everybody count with me 1,2,3,4! :D Super LALA pose!

Dear QM (LOL get ready for cheesy overload) , 

Thanks for always being there (throughout those ultimately depressing/crying phone calls) and for always being so random. I could never imagine the Rory's without you or the Box. So here's to all the crazy things we've done together that shall forever remain fond memories (Our random conversations in class, Ampang McDonalds, Scraps To Wembley, The "parties" at my house, tuitions, rory hunting, and the tons of other things) . Also here's to the crazy things we're going to keep doing together till we're old grandmothers. I know things may change when September comes (haha cant believe I'm tearing up) but just know that where ever you are and whatever mess you're in you can count on me to be there to help you out (even if it maybe through skype, you know i give great advice regardless :D) 

P.s. Don't forget we are partying it up from 15th June right up till that "time" comes. 

P.p.s. LOL you're the first post of mine in 2012. How much do you love me right now hahah!


SHARANYA (only the most awesomest human being you know :P)