March 27, 2011

I've Made My Decision... FINALLY?

So yesterday was literally the most exhausting day I've had in a long time and all in the quest to register myself in a college to do my alevels. Okay so heres whats been going on, at first my option was to go to BAC like I mentioned in earlier post's but then my parents said we should check out HELP and KDU as well to see our options. Then just when we thought we were like 100 % confirmed on which one we decided on guess what we go and check out Taylors but the vibe in Taylor's was really not to my suitability. So after a whole lot of complications the decision was made for me to register in KDU. Finally! I'm okay with going to KDU but of course the nervous jitters are like hammering on the door. Well enough about being nervous its done.

Now that I've registered I have to make my decision on what subjects to take. Yet another decision I thought I had made until yesterday when a whole another wave of new information came to me. So my decision before new info was to take 4 subjects History, Econs, Accounts and Law. And well now my decision after new info is ????!!! Well I'm sure of taking History and Economics and thats about it. Also everyone is telling me to take 3 subjects thats like more than enough but if I really do want to take 4 subjects my fourth should be Mathematics (because its a traditional subject which means the UK universities love it and KDU has superb maths teachers to score in it). Okay yeah about right now people would just yell take it already BUT heres the deal me and maths have history and I practically swore never to touch it again ever.

Yet heres the deal I've been checking and going through my sister's ALevels Mathematics book and it seems do`able like most of the chapters that are on there are the chapters I actually liked in Add Maths. So i'm thinking to myself its not too bad of a choice but I'm scared just freaking scared and I dont know if its the smartest risk to take at this time when literally my biggest dream is on the line plus taking 4 subjects equals to my parents having to fork out more money and I'm not even sure about it. My parents have said its my decision and I think I've got my combination now Economics, History, Accounting and about Mathematics being my 4th hmph I'll need to talk to 3 people before I jump into it. Wish me luck!

Signing out,


Mind Boggled

Hey guys,

So yeap recently I got my SPM results well more like last week but thankfully the results was ok probably more than I actually deserved. My parents and others keep asking how do I do it? By this they mean like how do I not study and get what i get (well to them I never study but I do heck what are tuitions for lol just kidding) anyways back to the question, my answer to it would be I really have no idea. I wish I did but I dont. To even make sense of it all I just tell myself someone "up there" is rooting for me.

Okay now my take on the whole matter of results, first of all I hate whoever that freaking suggested the idea to put a huge ass - behind grades. Because seriously having a few A- and having some people react to it as if its a D sucks big time. Secondly to all the school teachers of mine I love you guys but seriously do you have to act that SHOCKED that I scored in your subjects though I understand my school add maths teacher probably deserves it because if I was her I would be super shocked too and faint after that.

So on to the deeper stuff, I cant help but wish that I was one of those students that could say " I gave it all I've got. And this is what I got". Heck i bloody envy these people yes their results might be lesser than mines some of them but they can own it. Me? I just have that nagging feeling of regret just nagging at me saying imagine if you actually put the effort into studying?! SO MY MOTO FROM HERE ON IS TO GIVE EVERYTHING IN LIFE THE FULLEST I'VE GOT TO GIVE AND WHEN I GET WHATEVER THE OUTCOME IS I'M GOING TO SAY "I OWNED IT! " :)

out and about,