January 24, 2009

Future Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei, & Rafael Nadal

Hey guys,
So last Thursday we had our extra-curriculum and it was Sports. This year i took badminton well just like what i've choosed for the past years and never went. But somehow this time around i managed to pump up my lazy friends lina and alliya to come with me(muahahah). The reason why im even bothering is just cos if i hope to get a scholarship i need to at the very least PASS my extra-curricular activities. So there i was at the Guthrie hall pumped up for badminton? Admiting KINDA!

So heres what happened, after school me and Lina went back to my aunts house and had lunch. Lina was amazed to see how nice and bubbly family members i have. Well duh they are related to me so do the Math Lina(muahahaha). Then we had already planned to meet up with Divya and walk to the Guthrie Hall. So when we headed to Divya's house her mom offered us a ride since it was SUPER hot. So we as in me and Lina being the lazy ppl of the world just grinned and went along. Then we reached the Guthrie Hall awaiting Alliya whom had gone home to bath and have her lunch. So while waiting we played sharing the court with Amirul and some other guy. Both of the guys were practically killing the shuttlecock you could hear the thumping. Me and Lina were like? SCARED! Lina actually got hit by the shuttlecock SMACK on the face and also got hit by my racquet SMACK on the head. Sorry LINA!

Then Alliya calls claiming "WHy In THe Hell are You guys Not here" My phone which had no battery was to be blamed so i said "ThEre Was A AnnOunCemenT dIdNT yoU hEaR?" she just grunted and put down the phone. I was like?? Oooops WEI SHENG!!!! He's to be blame what kind of president did i nominate! Giving ppl wrong info! (Just kidding wei sheng). Anyways Alliya came with teacher and all the rest of the students acting all Innocent (just kididng) She was mad at us and did her signature move *the pause TICKLE TICLKE TICKLE* Okay the whatever we were okay and played.

Later teacher called all the ppl who were supposed to be *wakils* to play and shine and show their talent bla bla bla. So we just sat at the side. First was Wei Sheng, Jeremy against Amirul and Hafiz(i tink). Wei Sheng and Jeremy won kinda like *duh*. And yeah Wei Sheng has some seriously messed UP skills! Didnt believe that till i saw it :D. Then Divya managed to pursue teacher to let us play, we played hardly a few seconds and got chased out thats how good we were i guess(wakakaka). Lina & Alliya had to go and Divya was busy playing with some dude from Mercury so i didnt have anyone to play with. (LAME Much) After awhile Divya was like lets play this dude seriously SUCKS(wakakakka) So i played with her in the middle of both the nets and looking like total WEIRDOS( mainly ME).

The guys were so possesive over their playing spaces and didnt wanna give in at first but Divya convinced them. I saw my cousin and felt kinda sorry for him so i *Invited him to play* as well. So me, Divya, and Jason with my cousin played. Divya was so semangat i was kinda half dead and just wanted ice water BADLY! HEY i aint no LEE CHONG WEI or LIN DAN! After awhile we finally decided it was time to go so we went back and guess where we ended up after tea in my aunts house Me Divya my Cousin and her Cousins and her Brother went to rabung playground and playd Badminton AGAIN! And Sadezsh(my cousin) finally thought me to serve properly(serving is my weakest points) NO JOKE!

So after a long long day i felt really happy really tired and soaking in sweat HOW FUN! MayB?!

** Now for my tittle?!

- Lin Dan & Lee Chong Wei = me in the very near future but mayB in a tanner version!

- Rafael Nadal = The way i served were more of tennis shots ppl have actually asked me if i do Profesional Tennis! But thats so not true cos i have never touched a tennis racquet like ever but bye to tennis shots hello to badminton ones!

**** Nadal is kinda hot though*****

Out & About,


rory said...

hahahhaha nk jugak gmbr nadal. yeah future badminton pros coming up. :D pause tickle tickle

Shanya said...

:P OFC i nak jugak gambar Nadal! Yup one ordered future pros served! Pause tickle tickle

QM said...

hahaha. pity alliya weyh.
LOL i wish i was thr so I cud like slam dwn KM & Plum.

speaking of KM, i think i js made him more ego. Ugh

lalloya said...

WATS WITH PAUSE TICKLE TICKLE?! ergh, i hate u guys dat day. n i didnt come wit all d other students. i had to catch up wit them when i saw them. n to think dat i walked while u guys got a ride. makes me hate u evn more!

haha. qm, u do make him think his so hot.

keero! said...

go chong wei!

Shanya said...

Qm you did make km's ego BLOAT!
Alliya pause tickle tickle im so scared! hahaha
Keero chong wei all the way!!!