March 9, 2008

Pressure***S of boredneSS

hey ppl,

Well today the hols..r goin on but dont jump its just a one week term break...(useless rite) i know!! was really boRINK***..yesterday nite me n shaun kept killing(teasing) sze yan on messenger...

she really wanted to skin us alive if she had a chance....i kno i kno im so not!!! im a good girl...

(heard dat sze yan)...hhahahh

im already kinda bored with the holiday routine i seriously got nothing TO do....(lame rite)

so basically im on9 24/7.....

this mornin chatted with shaun n sze yan then she had to chatting with another fren of mine weng hoh....
and now i just finished chatting with khairul who is annoying...(but funny) sakit hati chatting with tis guy..(SO)
Btw..guys n gals out there believe me when i tell u to check the stuff below out (cos its really good the it things 4r 2day) :***
***bleeding love by leona lewis***
***10000 BC****
***n the latest clique novel*** N dont forget bout
*** david archuleta's performances on utube*** kay ...kay!!!

Sharanya....(luv you peeps).

hey ppl.....

I just wanted to say im so in love with david archuleta.

He's just so adorable. N he sings really well too. For those of you who dont know who he is...

well he is a contestant in this years american idol. He has a really really soothing voice dont believe me just go to youtube n check out one of his perfomances..

David Archuleta........

Age: 17
Hometown: Murray, UT
Favorite Quote: "You'll never be lonely if you learn to befriend yourself."
Audition City: San Diego
Musical Influences: Natalie Cole, Stevie Wonder, Kirk Franklin, Bryan Adams.


sharanya (david's no. 1 fan)

March 8, 2008

Me!!**(my first bloggin)

hey ppl!

.......this is like the first real post im well!! here goes.......
I am sharanya...people call me shanya or sharan (pronounced as sharon).
I am a student in s.m.k bkt.jelutong ,shah alam, selangor,malaysia.
I am a major MAN U fan who's in love with purple.
I love watchin tv,surfing the net,singing(in the shower of course),n fabregas...(weird considering im an man u fan) but he's just too hot.
I love watchin supernatural ...(n jensen ackles of course)..heroes, american idol, greys, n amazing race asia.
I have a MAJOR exam this year hopefully i get those A's...or not i'm so dead.
I'm a prefect in school...n believe me its hard ...but not many ppl understand ..but who gives a damn bout them rite...cos i so need dat certificate..its worth a lot if ever wish to get a scholarship.....
I have two weird frens...well one's not that weird i guess but the other surely is.
one of my frens...should aso be better known as matthew's(not an celebrity just a normal guy) number one fan/stalker...she's crazy over this guy CRAZY!! dont believe me just ask my other fren....
My other fren andrea....she has a snobbish face.. or so thats wat we tease her about at least.... but she not snobbish actually...she's pretty nice...(yah rite)....hahhahah
....................datz all i have 4 now hopefully u guys know me better now ..........