April 25, 2008

a baby's born....

hey peeps,
FyI my tuition teacher gave birth on thursday it was a baby girl we all knew dat b4 hand though...hahahhah
anyway congrats teach on your first baby......... :)
yesterday i found out dat a fren of myne was in an accident days b4 yet 4 some reason he just told me.... seriously ...he said it was nothing serious but the way he xplained it was serious enough....not to mention he did look kinda loopy n tired and all but i didnt bother asking him why cos he overall has dat kind of mood swings i guess.....
anyway today i'm like busy bsy busy doing my sejarah(history) project.....which is totally annoying yet its due next week...totally WTH.....i freakin hate projects.....
btw man u's match against chelsea is 2day im totally praying dat they win ....oh plz do guys....plzzzzzzzzzz
datz all i have 4 2 day....


April 24, 2008

ANGER managing!

hey peeps,
i rarely get mad....but when i do prepare yourself....cos its not one pretty sight....SERIOUSLY....
Yesterday there was this guy in my class which pushed to the limit n it was the first time i said "shut the F**k up"
to a persons face n actually meaning it i really couldnt stand it anymore...he was darn annoying,,,,
anyway....man u n barca...drew 0-0......suckzzz i know i know seriously.....ronaldo how could you miss a penalty????? plz fix it in the next game guys.....:(
btw carly went out this week i dunknow whether she really deserved to go out yet but wtv......
n yah i got A NEW TV..........LCD..........be jealous ppl.....hahaha
anyway past few days i've been lyke so majorly "malas" wanna post a new post....but well here i am....
dats all i have 4 now....

Sharanya(very sad with ronaldo missing the penalty) :(

April 21, 2008

pHAnToM oF thE oPeRa :)

hey peeps,
2day i went on a skool trip to sri cahaya skool to watch the phantom of the opera....it was so good....i was lyke seriously so amazed by the children who played the violin they looked so serious n were soooo GOOD...
on the whole the play was so worth my 10 bucks.....
loved it......
n im lyke seriously so tired now....
i'll post a few pics of the phantom of the opera on my blog when i get them from my fwen...kay...2day in skool we (me,alliya,sze yan,n yung sheen) were talking bout malay ghost n i was scared shit...but i still had the most stories to tell thanks to my NUTS gang. hahahha
sze yan was lyke majorly freaked out...hahahaha
then our geog teacher had to enter frame n kacau us....
so it stopped there hahahah
Sharanya(exhausted much)


hey hot ppl,
i know this was like 2 days ago story but i so just had to post it!
do u know on saturday...i went 4 tuition...(with shaun nalliya..n haziq)
n guess wat???
haziq came to tuition dressed up in some sweatsuit or wtv u call it....(i personally thought he was gonna climb mt' everest or somethin) hahahahaha
it was osooooooo FUnny....
at first i thought mayB this guy woke up n thought he was in iceland or somethin???
even my tuition teach said quoting here...."boy wat r u wearing"
hahahaha...dat guy never seazes to amuse ME....hahaha
cant wait to see wats his gonna wear next saturday...

April 19, 2008

arghhh!!! sher lin tagged me!

sHeR LiN.....im so gonna bunuh u 4 taggin me u know im lyke so super malas rite...evil gal.....
anyway 4 those of u who dunknow me dat well this mayB a great helper....

Real name:SHaRaNyA vIsUaLinGaM
Nickname: sHaNyA oR sHArAn
Married: NoPe
Male or female: FeMaLe
High school:SMKBJ
College: i DunKNoW yEt:)
Short or long hair: LOnG
Are you a health freak?: nOt ExACtLy
Height: 162 cm(so short i know rite)
Do you have a crush on someone: yes.whY???
Do you like yourself: oMeTimEs YeS sOMeTimEs no
Piercings: EAR PIERCING (1)
Righty or lefty: rIghTY
Piercing:3years old
Person you see in the morning: MuM
Award: PuBlIc sPeAkInG....
Sport you join: NOnE...
Pet: IsH hATe It....
Vacation:IN mAlAySiA onY
Concert:Sadly: NONE at all
First crush: primary skool...but im not dat dumb to give a NaMe...

I'm about to: Eat LunCh

Your Future**
Want kids:Yes.
Want to get married:Yes.
Careers in mind:Lawyer ..politician...or bussinesswoman
Lips or eyes: BeTtER eyES
Hugs or kisses xoxoxoxo
Shorter or taller: Taller
Romantic or spontaneous: BoTH
Sensitive or loud: LoUD n SEnSItiVE
Trouble maker or hesitant: hESiTanT
Have you ever**

Kissed a stranger: nO
Drank bubbles:No.
Lost glasses/contacts: yES mANy tIMeS HAHAHA
Ran away from home: nO
Liked someone younger: liKe tOtALLy
Liked someone older: yeS
Broken someone's heart: nOPe
Been arrested: NO im A Good GAl
Cried when someone died:YaH
Liked a friend:Yea

.Do you believe in**
Yourself:Sometimes i do sometimes i don't
Heaven: kINda
Santa Claus: may B
Answer Truthfully**

Is there one person you want to be right now:Yeah.
Do you believe in God:oF CouRse
.Bloggers to be tagged:


April 18, 2008

KiRsTy lEe CoOk iS oUt...

hey peeps,
yeah guys kirsty lee cook is officialy OUT.....n im lovin it .....
wANnna know why ...simply cos she wasnt dat good n as simon said her time was up n she totally deserved it.
anyway datz all i got 4 AI.
skool was ok no biggie..... morale teacher didnt wanna except our project until its binded...n wtv ...im having tuition later ....so dats why im bloggoin now.....n did i mention lina totally chatted with james yesterday n is totally scared n happy now...very blur.....
datz all i got 4 now....bye guys...

April 17, 2008


Hey chick'A'S,
2day i went for english club of course n....likw while me n qamarina were marking our names on the list of attendance......guess whos names we came across??? Matthew n james.....we were like jumpin around....(eventhough im not a fan) but it was like so unbelievable...but there it was their names...then me n QM were like planning on ways to get them to attend english club ...hahaha.....came back home n called alliya to inform her n she was like jumpin aso...then went on9 n told lina n we were like majorly discussing on how do we get him to english club meetings....hahaha....watch out matthew n james ......hahaha
eventhough im not their stalkers or fans but just the thrill of doing something so out off BOUND is so tempting.....
Anyway in english club we had to promote a watch n i was in a group of 5 me QM shaun arvin n faisal..... our ad was like so funny....n stupid of course....hahahaha.....lovin english club...hahaha.
In school i was kinda irratated with shaun cos he kept saying dat i had a sister in form one which I SO DONT have.....(gonna strangle dat guy one day) hahahaha...
In prefect world me n sher lin(hey gal) are like PAKATING to give 0 marks to the bitch n kick her ou pronto.....hahahaha...wait ooops its more of a MUAHAHAHAHA....(lovin prefect world)
....And i know have a new official gang according to my BFF's ....n guess who they are n why r they my new gang????????
.....my new gang me Jason n A liff....why??? cos we're all gedik(perky)....hahahhahaha....but i dun think so well i know im gedik(perky) but jason n aliffr not im my opinion. jason's not cos he's an ok guy eventhough he has this really stupid theories might i say .....bout well lets just not say....n aliff well he's a really friendly guy......
I guess my BFF'S were jealous rite???? hahahaha(sze yan)
n yah 2day in skooljason said sze yan had an imaginary fren....n instead i got the pissing off...then i did the same to jason n told hsi teng wat jason said bout her n TADAA he's dead...hahaha...
on the whole 2day was gr8 from english club to prefect world to skool ...

Sharanya(luvin life)

April 15, 2008

MAN U vs. ARSENAL(13/4/08)

FYI the man u n arsenal game(13/4/08) as i mention on my previous post went well but a seriously dangerous well. Man u won 2-1. goals were scored by C.ronaldo(hottie) n Owen Hargreaves(sze yan u like this guy rite).
well ronaldo scored a penalty goal n hargreaves scored a superb freekick goal. of course this all happen after arsenal scored (adabayor)) so well lets just say it was scary. In terms of who played better i would say arsenal just cos they attacked more n they scored the first goaldatz when Man u's dreams of winning the premier league seem to soar away....But thankfully 4 man u supporters(unfortunately 4 arsenal's supporters) arsenal made certain mistakes dat could have been well JUST NOT MADE. Basically if arsenal had Man u's defenders(the best defenders in the premier league rite now in my opinion) they would have easily won the game.
I am personally SO NOT an arsenal fan but you cant help but pity them. It looked as though it was their season this season BUT it all just started plunging downwards after injuries.
So right now im hating chelsea cos they are just irratating me(hahahaha)
right now my only fav player in chelsea is peter the goalkeeper but since he's injured all the more reasons to hate chelsea 4 me.......My advice to arsenal n their manager buy more DEFENDERS in the next window.and fabregas u still rock no matter how arsenal are...hahahahha.....datz all 4 now

Man u's no.1 fan & Fabregas tooooo


2day i went to skool n i now officialy have 3 projects. 3!
n 2morrow i will be getting my menti(protege)...hopefully i dont get D.
this week thursday i'ii be be going 2 watch the phantom of the opera play at sri cahaya.
i seriously think i will be the only one actually watching it as for my other frens(alliya,lina..n QM)
will be 2 busy watching sumethin else(rite sze yan)ahhahaha
Did i mention b4 dat i'm the form representative 4 ELS. beat haziq to it.
would like 2 thank all my supporters hahahhaha.
i have my geografi tuition later in the evening n im sooooo malas cos i gotta walk to tuition.and the fact DAT PMR (very very important exam is in like wat 5 months time....im so screwed
i wish ...hope...pray....love....n want to get those 7 a's...
Thats all 4 2day check out my opinion on the man u n arsenal game(13 april 08)
on my next post ... bye...


April 12, 2008

long time NO see!!!

hey ppl,

its been like what???? 5 weeks....4 weeks...???????????
since my last post.
i know i know where the hell have i been well no where exactly.....Just that i've been kinda busy with a certain PROJECT whenever im on9.....n i utterly totally hate the freakin project....
i bet sze yan does too ....am i rite??? hahahah
well for those of you who dont know this week michael johns got kicked out from america idol. and seriously WAT THE HELL.....rite....in my opinion he so didnt deserve it. So NAWT.
I wolud have preffered someone else Bsides david(archuleta) of course to get booted out.
(n sze yan finally agreeing with me when i say dat david A is cute huh)
not to mention michael was the second best looking guy in the comp....after u know who:)
well i hope he does well in his career n come up with sumetin fast...
.............datz my aMerican Idol update this week............................
well today is INDIAN NEW YEAR...n yeah me i got new clothes....hahahaah
for those of you who dont know wat is indian new year well its the begining of a new year in the indian calendar. n this year its one of a kindd cos it last 2 days...starts 8 p.m.today n ends tomorrow......
SO dat means no school 4 ME....yeah...
on to my football obsession now man u r totally gonna bring it home this year baby.....
pity arsenal though they started well but just have to watch their tittles slipping one by one.....
yesterday i had tuition n we had a science test n guess wat i got one wrong same like SHAUN
.....so lets just same im as smart as him.....(hahahahha) yah rite....
n now for my updates which i know u'll have missed ever so much(especially sze yan) (hahah):
1. 4 minutes madonna n JT...
2. no air by jordin n chris brown....
n the latest would be rihanna's new one.....
Lastly all matthew n james fans(me n sze yan not include) out there keep STALKING.... :) :0