September 4, 2008

-no subject :P-

hey ppl,
today was dead boring but i managed to actualy do my own studying in skool ofc during ik since every other time i'm occupied.. hahaha.. with what i dont know. probably the fact that i get distracted easily.hahaha
Guys are weird on the general. But today i have actual living proof as t why n how weird are they. but i shall not get into details. Not to mention destiny gave me the scared im gonna be eaten by you look today. I really dont know what it meant cos obviously we havent done anything wrong to destiny ryte.. hahaha lina will be scoffing ryte about now....
anyways sze yan is temporarily not talking to shaun because he tore the girly looking guys magazine wonder how long that will last?? hahaha though i dont think it can beat my record :P
And yeah im so love MONSOON by TOKIO HOTEL.. its is so hawt.... i know u might probably think tokio hotel is weird and i kinda agree but this song blew me out of my mind completely :P it was like bam!! bam!! boom!!
OFC you should knbow by now that berbatov is officially man u property and im loving it. He is so gonna help them up front yeah baby.. i love football.... and man city sucks for being so greedy :P
and yah i changed my display pic its me n divya.. im in black she's in purple. n we are officially physcho maniac face painting ppl. hahaha... the wrongest ppl to take to a party where there is a face painter involved...hahah
i'll post all the pics in my next post



I have no clue but i feel so ever so empty today. I feel like all i've done so far has not worked out and im leading a very dull life. The cause of this has to be pmr. Its making me feel empty. At times i wish i was someone else. Ppl talk but they do not know what i go through. I guess i cant blame them cos i am personal person i like keeping things to myself and always am happy on the outside I guess most ppl around me dont seem that worried bout pmr but thats all i can think bout for no apparent reason. I need to get those A`s or not i would probably have to face with tons of shit which i shall not go into detail about. I just dont want to be the let down in my family i suppose. I just dont want it to be me. It can not be me. Anyways i am really studying these days hopefully there will be enough time for me to make up myself. And yes this is me emo'ing unbelievable but true.