February 26, 2009

Study Group Shannanigans?!

Hey guys,
Well exams are on the 11th till 13th and we have 4 freaking subjects a day! And Add Maths and Bio are together on the first day! Worse part Add Maths is its in the afternoon when people are least active according to scientist (Prof. Sharanya). The problem is this, I unlike most students who can actually study "peacefully" i have to memorise a 3-5 minute speech of the most cheesiest topic that has to be presented "emotionally" in a hippie kinda way!
Heres the dilemma:
I'm going to represent the school for a public speaking competition. I love talking, yes besides blabbing i can also talk sense (huge shocker) I know!!!! ANYways the topic is "Power of Love" Okay start laughing you're head off! Honestly i'm an emotional speaker. I speak stuff like for example Child Abuse, Rape, Racism, Poverty, and other serious topic that i have passion to stand up against. So by now you should know that CHEESY love topics just dont go well with me honestly!
Worst part is most of you might think well oh yeah it is cheesy but at least it sounds easy. POINT it "SOUNDS" easy but it is NAWT! Do you know how frigging hard is it to find pure points on this topics instead of the usual shithole kinda peace = love = PEACE! It is awfully hard and i have a speech that just sounds soooo not FLOWLY! And i have to memorise it by Tuesday, and i havent even started! My speeechhhh is not FLOWY!!!!!!!!!!! i FEEL like a LOSER! But i really really really really really really wanna WIN!!!!!
** So if you guys have any opinions and points that could improve my speech pls spill!
Okay back to the tittle of my post:
We had a study group in my house today and for the first time we actually studied! WOAH yeay us! Anyways here what,who,how it went on for the study group Shannanigans!

^^ Teachers : Add Maths Hooligan Lina, History Pioneer Alliya & Rockstar Mathematician Sharanya!

Add Maths : Yeah Lina taught this. She is crazily unbelievably good in add maths! I suck in add maths duh! Anyways we did understand her but she was a spitting image of our physics tuition teacher! Hahhahahahha it was sooooo funny! She did seem like she was a potential "syok-sendiri" teacher! Hahahahah Just kidding! But we did understand her!

Modern Maths : Yeah I took this one. Taught them Sets. How lame i know but they did seem to understand! Arghhhhh pish posh! ANyways I took the best teacher award (self declared tittle :D) Hahahahah so perasaan i know! WTV's! But they did understand.

History : Aliya took this and we learnt that Julius Ceaser and Cleopatra had an affair?! Hahahahahha just kidding but we learnt the tamadun stuff. Alliya definately has major mojo potential to be a teacher :P Hahahahhahah

My speech for The Power of LOVE!

Good morning to the blab blab blab.......................
I'm going to speak on Power of LOVE. Do you feeelllllllllllllllll the POWErrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr???!!! (silence waiting for impact to hit)

(after 5 minutes)

Yes i know you do to! Thank you!

Cool speech ryte??? I KNOw! tHANK you!

*** Im such a dead girl!

Out & About,
Sharanya ~ Vidic

February 22, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire ;)

Hey guys,
So guess what?!! Yesterday i watched SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE!!!!! After what seems like ages of begging and blabbing and mourning just to catch any movie!!!! I finally caught one! And it was majorly awesome!!! Wuhoot! Well it was a good movie in short! And i am telling each and every one of you go CATCH THIS MOVIE! Seriously no joke * the no joke face*! Anyways now im rooting for Slumdog Millionaire to make a clean sweep at the Oscar's tomorrow! Yippy!
Ppl i warn you dont listen to what ppl have to say about the movie, just go catch it and judge urself because i think it differs to ppl. So the decision is in you're POCKETS! :)

Most ewwww worthy chair squirming scene:
Boy drops into shit hole and comes out covered in shit just to meet his idol

Heart wrenching scene:
The boys mum gets whacked brutally to death.

Disgusting - inhumane scene:
TONS! But one was insane the dude digged out a boys eye cos blind singers get double.

Watch it to get it! Anyways it just made me remember that lifes not always good and just be thankful that you're living a comfortable life! And human-beings have to stop acting like animals and act the way the were meant to by god! Honestly!

**Anyways guys tell my ur opinions of the movie once u've catched it ;)
*** Remember i warned you it differs to ur taste but of course if ur taste is as good as mine then it shudnt be a problem! (just kidding ;) hahahaha
**** After i watched the movie i sms'ed lina got really scared that i wouldnt get a rory even if i go UK cos simple math and so i have to go US! But the law is different here from there!!! AHHHHHH! I guess my peeps just gotta keep reminding me and i've gotta have good endurance skills!

Out and about,

February 17, 2009

Rocas Mi Mundos (Rocks My World)

Hey guys,

I got all the time of the world to blab and i am so in the mood for some good ol' blabbing! Why? I'm having a terribl;e tummy ache and im not in school right now though i am supposed to be ( thank the tummy ache for that). So here i am tadaa! Okay before you actually continue reading the post lemme just warn you of the physchotic contents:

1) Unappropriate songs
2) Physcho human beings

** So dont forget the warning alert okay!

So here's how it started. I'm not sure what me, QM, Lina were talking about on Monday, probably just the usual usual blabs and laughs. Then the topic turned to What song do you want to be sang at you wedding? WTF ryte! We were just spoofing around to pass time since one of the teachers didnt come to class. Basically the idea was we were going to sing at each others so called and the deal it was mainly oh so funny because of the song choices!

- Lina : had SUPERMASSIVE blackhole ( Muse) & we were all going to dress up in scuba suits with THE GEAR! Why? Because it came as a set and we didnt know how to take it out?!

- QM : She was placed with a song filled with the four letter word. And in one word we also had to slick back our hair and probably dye it Blonde to look like her beloved Westlife ( so not making sense right)! I warned you!

- Me : Yeah the song was the Fire song. I'm not sure whats the real tittle but theres a chorus of FIreeeeeee! Why fire? Yeay you've probably watched Indian wedding and yeah theres fire literally.. wtv's
- Alliya : Yeah we are all going drunk or at least acting drunk and singing Natasha Bedingfield's I wanna have your babies. Why? Hmmm yeah because theres was this palm reading kinda thingy and Alliya had 6 or 7 children according to the wise one!

- Sze Yan - Yeah we better start bucking up on those TVXQ lyrics and songs or we're so doomed :D

- We also were talking about how UNFAIR life is. The whole bunch of life is unfair, the part where COLDPLAY is coming to singapore probably but NOT malaysia! That sucks MAJORLY!

*** Btw choices of songs are not options of the person
**** I WARNED you!
***** Life's too short to care what others think as long as you're happy lifes all good!

Out & About,

February 15, 2009

Grammy's Grrrrrrrrrr!

Hey guys,

Yeah GRAMMY'S. Wuhooooot!!!! SO nawt! I am majorly unhappy that COLDPLAY didnt win album of the year! No offense to the winners but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??!!! Obssesed fan over here! Well wtv's at least the won some others! So here's my grammy strip down:

Stevie Wonder & The Jo' Bro's performance:
Whats Not to say! Burnin up was okay but the bro's totally chopped up Stevie's song ( especially NICK). I'm not a hater, i actually pretty much like the bro's but seriously this pairing was not build on heaven! Better luck with pairings next time guys!

Taylor Swift & Miley Cyrus:
Voices didnt match up but song was awesome just like any other Taylor song as USUAL!

JT & T.I:
I loved this one. It was flaming and did anyone notice that they wer jail bars at the back during they were singing? Or was it just me! Anyways T.I rocks and he and eminem are practically the only rappers i'll ever accept!

I love COLDPLAY ! So they were gr8! WtV'S !

Paul McCartney & band :
Made my dad happy and beatles songs are totally catchy! Thats why they are a LEGEND!

- Not much of a comment but why why didnt coldplay win best album!!!!!!! :(

Heres something funny that happened to me when i was watching an award show( cant remember which one) with my grandma!

Lil Wayne performing with his jeans almost dropping.
Grandma : That boys pants is going to drop
Me : No lah it wont ( change channel)
*** after a few minutes***
(change channel again back to Lil Wayne's performance)
Grandma : See i told you (his pants were almost dropping wth)
Me : O-kay (awkward moment)

**** Just quoting no offences meant or not meant :P
***** LOVE taylor SWIFT!

Out & About,

February 13, 2009

I'm gonna Be Me!

Hey guys,

It feel like major ages since my last post. Well what else can be said i'm a lazy person! And between falling sick and homework you sooo cant blame me. Anyways Thaipussam was a whole jolly bag of fun! The usual getting squashed and shouting at people and ewwww!!! sweaty ppl! But all is pushed out of mind if you have you're mind set on soemthing! Limitless to age, colour, race Batu Caves can be visited by anybody. Every year as a matter of fact tons of whites, muslims, chinese and other races come on thaipussam to Batu Caves for a glimpse of culture especially for those cultural junkies like me! Plus the RORY'S were a total plus!! POINT!

Last Monday, we celebrated sze yan's b'day at Secret Recipe and crazyness was as usual. Me, QM ,Aliiya & Sze Yan were there on time. And our little miss "always too early" (Lina) proved us wrong and showed up an HOUR late!!!! The best part was the opening the gifts section. We asked Sze yan to pose with her presents and she did a total "commercial" shot. It was like she was promoting some new brand of lotion! Hahahah totally love that unexpected girl!

My sis came bck for her break on Thursday and its fun. KINDA! My parents are treating her as if she just came back from some super FUGLY bootcamp where she was torchered. The cool part is i dont care cos i miss her! I guess this is the feeling when ur apart from someone you probably squabble A LOT!

Younger sis : Akka you prefer hannah montana or miley cyrus?

Elder sis : Hannah Montana, miley cyrus is a Bitch.

Me : (super tired/ sarcatic) Nice Vocabulary.

Dad : Yeah!

** Thats all my elder sis got for saying Bitch! NO FAIR! This is so totally unFAIR!



Out & About,

February 7, 2009

Happy 16th Sze Yan!


Sze yan YOU'RE OLD!!!!!! Hahahahah But no matter how old you are you still always seem to be the most youthfull spirited one! We are celebrating you on MONDAY! You better make sure you come or i'll kill you after all my smart planning! And everyone thats reading this send me your idea on what to get this friend of mine that is into asian music, artsy stuff, chocolates and snorting coke at me! Cos im running close to a blank sheet right now :D

** Hope you have a gr8 sixteen old women!

Out & About,

February 6, 2009

Week worth Update

Hey guys,

Where to start where to start. I'm not very sure all i know is im feeling damp and somber today and not very cheery. This week was major tiring i simply couldnt wait for it to END already. As usual our Add Maths teacher hardly taught anything maybe cause she's busy but seriously if she doesnt start soon i might DIE! Literally! We also learned EST that was fun. But just A LITTLE BIT of fun (inside joke). Lemme fill you in with whats the inside joke okay?!

It was like this, the teacher came in ( first class for English in Science & Technology) and she gave us a paper of puzzles/ quizzes? Anyways at the top the instruction read do the puzzles below which definately promises a little bit of fun. So i made fun of it when the questions got TOO FUN ( note sarcasm) Then i noted to them that afterall the instructions did warn us saying that it only promised A LITTLE BIT of fun. NOT TOO MUCH! Get it? Oh pish posh! Me & Lina also started squealing in a super *gedik* voice the tittle of the worksheet SCIENCE & Yoooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! We were loud and i was facing this guy in my class and he was just in pure awe. Noted that he wasnt in our class last year to understand the complicated minds of Me and my physcho clan!

Another stupid incident this week, was when my friends came over. We were supposed to do our ENGLISH BOARD! But as usual we never do work when we go over to one anothers house. All we do is gossip, blab make stupid jokes and what not. So we ordered McDonalds, it was like a mission imposibble plan thanks to the complications. Thus when the food arrived we were like happy campers SQUARED. Anyways sze yan was sitting in front of me and Lina was doing/ telling a joke about how her brother farts? So sze yan SPRAYED me with coke when she couldnt control herself anymore. The victim = ME!*

** Arghhhhhh COLDPLAY is officially not coming to MALAYSIA on SUNBURST! This SUCKS!!!!

*** Khairul and Idzham have officialy left i'm gonna so miss them! GUYS WHY ARE YOU LEAVING!!!!!!

**** I feel so EMO * note to human beings dont listen to a coldplay album when you're already a tattered soul*

***** BTW thanks for following my blog guys, you guys have kickass blogs as well!

****** I LOVE the blind dude in AMERICAN IDOL! I look up to him and i'm so pissed that they didnt show his auditions this week! Bikini Girl got kicked out and that was the main focus in American Idol this week! I seriously think i will cry if the blind guy doesnt make it!

******* The picture above is not sze yan its just some random person that had a snorted coke!

Out & About,