February 26, 2009

Study Group Shannanigans?!

Hey guys,
Well exams are on the 11th till 13th and we have 4 freaking subjects a day! And Add Maths and Bio are together on the first day! Worse part Add Maths is its in the afternoon when people are least active according to scientist (Prof. Sharanya). The problem is this, I unlike most students who can actually study "peacefully" i have to memorise a 3-5 minute speech of the most cheesiest topic that has to be presented "emotionally" in a hippie kinda way!
Heres the dilemma:
I'm going to represent the school for a public speaking competition. I love talking, yes besides blabbing i can also talk sense (huge shocker) I know!!!! ANYways the topic is "Power of Love" Okay start laughing you're head off! Honestly i'm an emotional speaker. I speak stuff like for example Child Abuse, Rape, Racism, Poverty, and other serious topic that i have passion to stand up against. So by now you should know that CHEESY love topics just dont go well with me honestly!
Worst part is most of you might think well oh yeah it is cheesy but at least it sounds easy. POINT it "SOUNDS" easy but it is NAWT! Do you know how frigging hard is it to find pure points on this topics instead of the usual shithole kinda peace = love = PEACE! It is awfully hard and i have a speech that just sounds soooo not FLOWLY! And i have to memorise it by Tuesday, and i havent even started! My speeechhhh is not FLOWY!!!!!!!!!!! i FEEL like a LOSER! But i really really really really really really wanna WIN!!!!!
** So if you guys have any opinions and points that could improve my speech pls spill!
Okay back to the tittle of my post:
We had a study group in my house today and for the first time we actually studied! WOAH yeay us! Anyways here what,who,how it went on for the study group Shannanigans!

^^ Teachers : Add Maths Hooligan Lina, History Pioneer Alliya & Rockstar Mathematician Sharanya!

Add Maths : Yeah Lina taught this. She is crazily unbelievably good in add maths! I suck in add maths duh! Anyways we did understand her but she was a spitting image of our physics tuition teacher! Hahhahahahha it was sooooo funny! She did seem like she was a potential "syok-sendiri" teacher! Hahahahah Just kidding! But we did understand her!

Modern Maths : Yeah I took this one. Taught them Sets. How lame i know but they did seem to understand! Arghhhhh pish posh! ANyways I took the best teacher award (self declared tittle :D) Hahahahah so perasaan i know! WTV's! But they did understand.

History : Aliya took this and we learnt that Julius Ceaser and Cleopatra had an affair?! Hahahahahha just kidding but we learnt the tamadun stuff. Alliya definately has major mojo potential to be a teacher :P Hahahahhahah

My speech for The Power of LOVE!

Good morning to the blab blab blab.......................
I'm going to speak on Power of LOVE. Do you feeelllllllllllllllll the POWErrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr???!!! (silence waiting for impact to hit)

(after 5 minutes)

Yes i know you do to! Thank you!

Cool speech ryte??? I KNOw! tHANK you!

*** Im such a dead girl!

Out & About,
Sharanya ~ Vidic


Najihah Hakim said...

good luck sharan
i love this post
very funny, less pressure :D

Shanya said...

Hahahah fingers crossed over here ha! Well fingers twisted actually more like it! And tnx less pressured post but more pressured me! HAhahahah! :D

dayana said...

i like thiss, hahaha it's so adorable!
woohoo, best teacher award :D

QM said...

u r so gonna nail it!
don't worry, we'll be waving our hands high up during your speech(:

Til said...

Haha "Good morning to the blab blab blab.......................
I'm going to speak on Power of LOVE. Do you feeelllllllllllllllll the POWErrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr???!!! (silence waiting for impact to hit)

(after 5 minutes)

Yes i know you do to! Thank you!"

Self-declared best teacher award, lol.

I'm a pretty good grammar nazi so you can e-mail me if you want the grammar of your speech checked.

Gosh I hate giving speeches. I sure hope you're better than me. It sounds like you're a pretty good public speaker. That's an awesome skill to have. Public speaking is a very important thing that will get you far. I'm trying to improve my public speaking skills. Which isn't much right now.

I hope you do great!

lalloya said...

at least u met jacob there. haha

A. K. said...

Hey I have tagged you. If you are interested follow this link http://travelawait.blogspot.com/2009/03/i-have-been-tagged.html

rory said...

tagged youuuuuuuuuuuuuu, yes youuuuuuuhahahaha

Quirky Mon said...

Hey! You're the youngest blogger I know. I already like you for that :)
I started blogging quite late...when I turned 23 last December. And now addicted to it!

Hope your exams went all. Loved going through your blog.