February 15, 2009

Grammy's Grrrrrrrrrr!

Hey guys,

Yeah GRAMMY'S. Wuhooooot!!!! SO nawt! I am majorly unhappy that COLDPLAY didnt win album of the year! No offense to the winners but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??!!! Obssesed fan over here! Well wtv's at least the won some others! So here's my grammy strip down:

Stevie Wonder & The Jo' Bro's performance:
Whats Not to say! Burnin up was okay but the bro's totally chopped up Stevie's song ( especially NICK). I'm not a hater, i actually pretty much like the bro's but seriously this pairing was not build on heaven! Better luck with pairings next time guys!

Taylor Swift & Miley Cyrus:
Voices didnt match up but song was awesome just like any other Taylor song as USUAL!

JT & T.I:
I loved this one. It was flaming and did anyone notice that they wer jail bars at the back during they were singing? Or was it just me! Anyways T.I rocks and he and eminem are practically the only rappers i'll ever accept!

I love COLDPLAY ! So they were gr8! WtV'S !

Paul McCartney & band :
Made my dad happy and beatles songs are totally catchy! Thats why they are a LEGEND!

- Not much of a comment but why why didnt coldplay win best album!!!!!!! :(

Heres something funny that happened to me when i was watching an award show( cant remember which one) with my grandma!

Lil Wayne performing with his jeans almost dropping.
Grandma : That boys pants is going to drop
Me : No lah it wont ( change channel)
*** after a few minutes***
(change channel again back to Lil Wayne's performance)
Grandma : See i told you (his pants were almost dropping wth)
Me : O-kay (awkward moment)

**** Just quoting no offences meant or not meant :P
***** LOVE taylor SWIFT!

Out & About,


QM said...

Kate Perry sucked that day, cudnt sing at all!!

rory said...

quotesss!!! so funny

Shanya said...

So agree with yah QM!! She's good with catchy songs but thats as far as it gets/goes. And hahahaha rorY! Its true that actually happened! Still trying to get the horror done with!