June 11, 2009

So many Movies.. So much to RATE!

Hey guys,

I just watched Terminator and it was action packed movie. I enjoyed it but this movie left me with many questions so readers if you guys know the answers to my unsolved questions please drop a comment and feel free to answer or even give you’re theory on it

1) If Kyle Reese is John Connor’s father why don’t they share the same last name?
2) Why is Kyle Reese suddenly there as a teen? Isn’t it 2018?

These are 2 questions which I still can’t wrap my mind around. Anyways I’ve seen Night at The
Museum 2, Hannah Montana, Wolverine, and now Terminator so here are the rankings so by.


Now I want to catch 17 Again, Transformers, & Harry Potter’s latest instalment. After these I will repost a new list

Wolverine is leading because come on who doesn’t love a wolverine! It had a good storyline, filled with action, was touching, really explained the origins of wolverine, brought in all time X-men fav’s that haven’t had screen time such as Gambit and Deadpool and Sabretooth. I’m telling you even if you’re not an X-men person this movie will explain it all. The hot guys that act in it don’t hurt the eyes too GAMBIT and Ryan Reynolds and not forgetting Hugh Jackman gosh someone call 911!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

Terminator was a lot of fun as well I loved the part where Marcus head butted those dudes so cool. Lol. Hannah Montana was really a shocker it is truly a feel good movie and not just a girly girly giddy movie. Not everything is about Lucas Till boys…. Hehehe. Night at the Museum 2 was funny and well funny. A good movie for laughs but the plot line was a bit dull compared to the 1st movie but I still loved it.

Out & About,

Be Nice or go bu bu Bye XD

Hey guys,

Just yesterday I got a comment from some anonymous claiming they think my English is bad and my post is too long and I don’t post often enough. Ok let me clarify myself…I get good grades in my english exams, I’m on the debate team, I represent the school for public speaking, …. not to show off but seriously. If I wanted to write grammatically right I would but I don’t want to because by writing the way I write I find it easier for people to connect with me and my emotions. My friends say they can imagine me talking to them when they read my posts and honestly that’s all I care about. This blog is mine, mine to write wtv I wish so if you’ve got comments on my writing pleaseeee check yourself out of here

* And I believe in posting when I’m only in the mood and come on wont you guys get bored of me if I blab rubbish everyday just for the sake of it

*Tip my posts are kinda long so take em’ slowly don’t view the whole thing and get freaked out cos believe me it will only take you lesser than a minute to read 1 post and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it

* I deleted the comment already guys and not because it will ill spirited but mainly because it was anonymous showing that person had no guts


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June 10, 2009

Happy Father's Day Papa

Hey PPL,
Sunday’s Father’s day and well since I missed posting a mother’s day post cos I was busy cleaning the house (jk) so I decided to do a Father’s Day one! :D

My dad what can I say he’s the man you could say. My dad lives by one rule studying is first and everything else is second and I hate him for this because from young its always been “Sharanya go take your book and study” but now that well I would like to think I’ve matured I understand and kinda thank him for this because when I look at ppl who don’t study at all and let their futures fly away in their faces I can’t help but think boy don’t they have a dad or mum that’s as obsessed about studies like my dad??

Though of course it’s not always that scenario unlike most people my dad is the person I go to when I have problems. Mummy is more for girls stuff but everything else dad’s the man. I have always told my dad literally everything since young any crap that happens in school to me or to other ppl that I find funny to tell HE KNOWS. Every day when I was younger when we were in the car all he had to do was ask me “So what went on in school?” and boy I would talk and talk and talk until we reached our destination. At times I might step on a fine line becos the next day I would tell my dad I wanted to go to this girl’s bday party and he would tell me wasn’t that the girl who was very mean to your friend. And well I’d have to wiggle out of that problem. You would think by then I would have learned to shut up but nope that hasn’t happen lol. So when days I keep quiet his question would change to “What went wrong in school today” and I start yapping again. Nowadays I don’t tell my dad everything literally duh (teen here) but I still blab what goes on in school like crappy teachers and stupid stuff. Hehe

My dad is also the one who got me crazily interested in football and unlike most people I watch the game for the game .. the cute guys are just an added benefit of being a girl ;) But believe me I would rather I have a conversation with a person about the game then about how cute Fabregas is ( though he is).

My dad is also the one who annoys the hell out of me and at times I feel like killing him. He is also the one that is a super genius and loves testing my IQ and drive me crazy. He is also the one who believe I listen to rubbish song with ppl screaming. He is also the one who think he’s so funny which he is unless if you’re his daughter of course. He is also the one who hates admitting he’s wrong.. a big ego kinda person like me and Lina lol so we end up fighting until he realizes he’s wrong. He is also the one who when I didn’t get that freaking A for KH made me stop crying. He is also the one who listen’s understands and gives good advice. And for ALL that reasons alone HE IS MY FATHER THE SUPERMAN or WOLVERINE ( his fav) well since its Fathers day he can’t be wtv he won’t as long he doesn’t decide to go put adamantium in himself. XD

** Happy Father’s Day APPA! I LOVE YOU..& UR THE BEST DAD IN MY EYES ( I shall but you LP’s Meteora this time )
** This way i'm surely going to be the first to wish lol!

Out & About,

Manchester United Champions of Me!

Hey Hot readers,
SO yes another one of my late spazzing moments lol. Man Utd lost to Barcelona in the finals of this year’s Champions League. I have to admit it was DEVASTATING watching them play on that day till I gave up half way, went to sleep, and pray the next day’s EST was going to be easy. There’s really not much I have to complain this year because I honestly LOVE both this teams so I knew I’d be ok if Barca won but ofc I would be over the moon if Man Utd won. But what’s happen has happen. Iniesta the super dude and well the rest of the team deserved it . SO CONGRATS Barcelona!

But come on Man Utd have had a great season and try as much as you want to deny this you just can’t. They were the KRIS ALLEN’S of English football this year. When they won the world club cup and came back many were questioning Sir Alex’s decision but it paid off! From trailing behind Liverpool any just shooting up and maintaining their positions was GENIUS! Hmm so that makes 3 the Carling Cup, EPL, & the World Club Championship. This year’s team was proclaimed one of the best but they are still many holes for improvement. Berbatov needs to start getting use faster to the man U game, Vidic needs to teach the young so he won’t fumble if Ferdinand is not around, and well some other stuff I can’t remember now hehe!

So let me tell you a funny story. The next day after the game was our EST exam and since only a few of us take the test the class finally had space to breathe. Anyhow when I came into class Hsian and well the gang were making fun of Man U losing and yadaa yadaa yadaa. Arvind as usual was fighting pointlessly. All I had to say is the best team won but come on where was Liverpool? Chelsea? Arsenal? Cos I didn’t see them even in the final. So ppl unless you’re a Barcelona die hard fan not just one suddenly because they beat Man U PLEASE DON’T TALK! Just have a nice day end of story

That was all for the game and all the seasons worth now for the window transfers for next season. Man U has kept quiet this time not much drama going on at least not as much as last year. Cos as soon as Man U wants a player magically other clubs get interested too dude how stupid r u is my question go find ur own player! Ribery for example look what else is going on. I’m not even going to touch the whole Liverpool wants Tevez cos seriously for someone who claimed to be the “better” club wanting someone from well what they think is not a club which is as good as them really doesn’t make sense?! Don’t you think! LMAO is all I have to do!

Well wtv’s with that Man U needs to strengthen their MIDFIELD ppl buy Ribery already. And if Ronaldo wants to leave let him go just don’t do stupid things by letting him go and not buying anyone. Buy Ribery.. KEEP TEVEZ! Just strengthen ur MIDFIELD pleaseeeeeeeeeeee I beg you!

*Congrats MANCHESTER UNITED on yet another successive season! HANDS DOWN! Well besides Barca’s hands lol we’ll get them next year ;)
* And rooney has been a real team player and thats why we love him :)

Out & About,

Kris Allen wins American Idol NO BOUNDARIES is his!

Hey Guys,

Firstly I’m sorry for not updating my blog for well what seems like an ages. And those of you very very sweet people that still follow my blog are just “bellisimo”. Anyways as we all know by now KRIS ALLEN!!! Was the winner of American Idol 09’. Yes this is a blog spazzer since this news was so last century but what’s not so last century is Adam Lambert’s declaring his sexuality on Rolling Stone and also admitting to having a “crush” on one of the idol contestants! Come on guess with me now….. Who’s the best looking in this year’s AI? Who’s the good guy that exudes cute, hot , sexy?? Honestly if you don’t know stop scratching your head because it’s KRIS ALLEN! Duh! So there goes it Adam Lambert and his well sexuality. My verdict on that is good for him on coming out with it and still maintaining that oh so sexy hair. I’m not going to post on him I’m just gonna post on KRIS ALLEN my fav!!

Kris has been the dark horse since the beginning something like maybe David Cook you could say just that this year the term “dark horse & underdog” went to a whole new level on IDOL. From early Adam Lambert was practically already a winner. What with his old-glam rock style and mad house performances even a diehard Kris alleny like me had to admit. All me and Lina could wish for was at the very least Kris Allen got to the final. Cos as we all know once you’re in the final you’re sure to have a record and I really wanted him to make it. But wow when he won me and lina were shouting our asses of on the phone ofc but it was WOAH! So this years Falling Slowly, No Boundaries, Heartless, Ain’t No Sunshine, Remember The Time, Man in the Mirror, She Works Hard for the Money KRIS ALLEN was the AMERICAN IDOL 09’.

Okay here’s where I get pissed as we all know the winner of American idol takes the winners song which this year was No Boundaries no question and it naturally becomes his song. So why the effing hell are radio stations making Kris Allen and Adam Lambert’s versions battle it out?? For their cheap thrill? Really ppl yes Adam Lambert didn’t win and he might have been the better singer but come on don’t stoop so low and do this kind of thing it is damn damn idiotic! Did this happen to David Cook’s time of my life? I don’t think so!

SO ppl face the fact Kris Allen won. Radio stations don’t be stupid play Kris Allen’s SONG… and if ppl want Adam Lambert also play his MAD WORLD! Which in opinion was genius. Come on ppl face the fact both these guys ooze talent in different ways their genres are like fire and water, and come on seriously both sides just stop fighting when their albums come out go BUY! Don’t just keep bickering but in the end download their albums illegally. Then why in the hell do you call yourself a fan!

** I love Kris Allen and he rox my sox! J Congrats Kris luv ya!

Out & About,