December 31, 2008

Yes..... its True...... 6A's 1 dumbass B

Hey ppl,
Last Tuesday i took my results. AND as i said anything lesser than straight A's i'd be the saddest person this New Year...well thats true. But they are some good things that have come behind this whole results. I 'll tell you as the post gets on. So stick with me. AND feel free to comment i wont be offended if you did get straight A's i'd be HAPPY for you and wish you all the best. Cos thats how i've matured throughout this whole results. I feel like a different person ..... I KNOW I AM.

When the teacher said all the straight A's students name she started off with the 8A's students then only headed for the 7A's ppl. So when the 8A's fnished i burst into tears of which i had no idea why. And it ot worse when she said the 7A's ppl names and i wasnt in! Yes i cried ...yes im no ROBOT youll think i am...... I may act cold but i'm easily the most breakable person on planet Earth. It SUCKED lemme tell you that the feeling of not being one of those straight A's ppl SUCKS!!! My frens didnt get it either maybe thats why i started crying as soon as the 8A's ppl were done said.

So we had to then collect our results slips from our class teacher. At that poin i felt like all reason to live was over. I was so serious not knowing>>... Did i get C's B's. ??? WHat in the HELL went wrong! Then i went to our class teacher she said "Sharanya what a pity" And she looked at me with a sad face. I thought oh god........... and began crying My eyes off. Sze Yan , QM, Lina, Al were there luckily. I hugged QM, sze yan and cried my ass off then only i took my results. IT WAS only 1 B. Yes i didnt even see my slip when i began crying. I took it and headed for the rest.

The feeling of getting 1 B yes 1 B!!! HURT more than getting a couple of C's. Because i was this close yet so Far! IT HURT BADLY. Real bad i really dont know why i was on full blow cry mode and i knew a certain of my classmates would have been "Why is she crying its only one B kita org lagi bnyk B's". Yes you GUYS ARE RYTE!!!! But YOU dont know ME so YOU CANT HELL JUDGE ME!!!! One B for a dumbass subject like KH!!!

Im very gratefull of the friends i have. I apologised to them for being such a Drama Queen(which was my nickname) ... but like true GREAT friends they were like "Its skay". THEY ARE TRUE FRIENDS !!

I told my dad. He was okay suprisingly but he got really angry at the KH subject. Yes i got B for KH. My family understands and it seems like IN FACT IM MY HARDEST CRITIC. My sis left me a super meanigfull message on Facebook and that made me feel that much HAPPIER. Why? I dont admit this but i know deep down it wasnt just letting down my family and dad. But it was also of LETTING DOWN HER. So im proud of having my sister no matter how much of a GENIUS she maybe :'D

Things I Learnt:
1)Life's not over....And i'm not DEAD
2)I have GREAT TRUE friends
3)I have a great Family
4)I'm who i am and i have to accept it
5) I'm gonna kick ASS next year and hopefully form 1 SHARANYA will be back.
6) I'm a better person.
7) I'm still sad but im happy
8) This was a wake-up call
9) Im gonna study hard and play hard next year

10) IM GONNA GET STRAIGHT A1'S FR SPM even if it kills me!

out & about,

December 29, 2008

Questions of Life

Hey guys,

Its been like what ages??? Since i've actually done a proper blog post on whatever thats going in on my life! Usualy my posts are always mixed and jumbled up with my Man Utd stuffings so i decided to create a special blog for JUST my Man Utd rantings!

Here's the Link:

Check it out :)

So Basically everyone is ushering the New Year in. In QM's blog she's already planning which partayy she's gonna be heading at! All this makes me feel lost. I feel like i have no direction to where i'm heading?? Whats gonna happen to my friendships??? My frens might be going arts and well im not dealing well. Today my dad said if your results are not good then its OKAY you can go Arts stream. He just says that but only I KNOW his dissapoinment.

To me anything lesser than straight BOLD 7As i will not be happy. And i will be ushering the New Year in a not so jolly mood! This would be my first New Year without my sister and it just makes it all That much worse!

I feel like im losing ppl ?? For some stupid reason!! WHy??? I really dont know! I'mJust not sure which road am i to choose! Its all so absurd. People are saying my options are a sea's worth of LIMIT but i still have this whole empty feeling.

Among My Few Questions:

1)Will me and my friends remain tight even when we are heading different directions and classes?

2)What will i be when i grow up?

3)Will i be the same person no matter how my results go?

4) Will i be able to joke and be the laugh cracker with my frens when the results come?

5) Will the book thingy happen?

6) Where will i be this time next year?


7) What does the freaking future hold for ME!!

out and about,

December 28, 2008


This time tomorrow (No matter which way the results SWAY):

1)I'll be dealing with call from various PPL!!!!
2)I'll be crying!!!!
3)I'll be screaming!!!
4)I'll be trying to collect myself together!!!
5)I'll be planning my future steps!!!
6)I'll be freaking out!!!
7)I'll be thinking weird undoubtly freaky things!!!
8)I'll be a different person!!!
9)I'll be either the happiest or saddest person on planet Earth!!!

10) I'll be entering the ADULT WORLD!!!!

out & about,

December 27, 2008

Dreams Bout' PMR!!!!

hey ppl,

Im keeping this post supa' short!! Basically as we all know for all form three students the HOLY day is gonna be TUESDAY!!!

So yesterday night i was still in PD and guess wat i dreamt of?? Not so superb results!!! I had a C!!!

Oh god!! pls!!! pls!!! help me i relli want the straight A's :P

December 21, 2008

Manchester United Champions Of The World !!!

Hey ppl,

Here's my report have a read ;)
The game started with a line-up of the likes of Tevez, Rooney, Ronaldo, Vidic, Ferdinand, Rafael, Park Ji Sung, Van Der Sar, Anderson, & Carrick. A sure star buster team begin the game against opponents Liga de Quito.

First Half:
Manchester United had better possesion better scoring oppurtunities but The Goal was far from theirs. LdQ played a very defensive game barely any major attacks were made within the first half. Everyone was etting kinda jittery by then!! I mean where was the goal. I personally was screaming shit at the Tv because of the amount of times Man Utd missed oppurtunities. But had have to salute LdQ's goalie. He did a lot of saves and to be honest the defenders were just there but this man was the real stopper to what could have been a 10 -0 goal lead. On the whole it was super obvious that the match of Ronaldo, Rooney, & Tevex still had its charm. It never left! And i was super happy to see Tevez playing. He's like sunshine to my rainy day well not exactly but i prefer him to Berba just cause. Ding Ding Ding!!! First- half gave magnificent football but it was STILL 0-0???? Argghhhhhhhhhhhhh

Second Half:

Still 0-0!!!! wTh **P. The game was going like usual LdQ defending but Man Utd still attacking!! The suddenly Guess wat??? Vidic (my Bf) Was Red Carded!!!! WTF!!! It was a straight red not even a second yellow or what so. And guess wat The dude Hugged Vidic and the Vidic pushed him lah. Not so hard also. Believe me if MY Vidic were to really push that dude he would be FLYING!!! But guess wat?? That dude was such a gr8 actor and rolled and rolled and rolled. Gawd he should be given a freaking OSCAR!!!!! So the game continued with 10 players for Man Utd. But the suprising thing was Man Utd kept on attacking. BRAVO MY TEAM!!! They took out Tevez and strengthend their defense. THE GOAL:D Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks to a magnificent pass from ronaldo ROONEY SCORED!!!! Wuhoooo guess what its 1-0!!!!! I watched to see wondering if LdQ would stop defending and attack right. But guess what no they didnt. I was like huh???? Okay very weird!! But there were a couple of good attempts on their side. Like number number 21 a.k.a the guy i kept calling who had GREAT HAIR!!!!!! He was pretty good. I was shouting to my dad that he had SOMETHING in his hair thats why he's good. Ridiculous YES but well i love dramaing so TADAA!!!! Ding Ding Ding MANCHESTER UNITED WON!!!!!

Award Ceremony:

Gold Boot Went to - WAYNE ROONEY !!!! & he got a Toyota car as well COOLIO :))
Silver - RONALDO
Bronze - The guy with the AWESOME hair

Gamba Osaka won third place and second was none other then LdQ
and * *drumrolls**

Brava Sir Alex and to FYI Man Utd are the first ENGLISH TEAM to win THIS!!!!!
Out & About,
Phyche for MAN UTD,

Sharanya :)))))))))))))))))))))))

December 15, 2008


Hey ppl,

I was chatting with lina yesterday and well the topic we were talking about was very interesting. Bt only we would understand and not think how ridiculous the topic was about.

Basically the topic was about future plans. Most of you guys and girls would think future plans well how boring why is it ridiculous? Well if you knew our future plans then you'd see clearly the ridiculousness in it all.

So well i was just going through this in my mind since i have no better work. And well i laughed silently cos i f i LOL'ed my mum ud think im physcho. Not that she doesnt already know it. But wtv's as i said. Im just babbling and i relli dun care.

Btw i was watching Snoop's fatherhood kat E! and well the david beckham episode was on. I have seen it a tons of tymes but i dont know why. I was in awe David Becham is actually HOT!! Though i still think it would have done much better for his carier if he stayed at Man U and stuff. But he's hot. The weird part was i've seen this episode tons of times.

So dats all i have to blab now.. Till next Time. And oh yeah RAFAEL is so hot!!!

December 11, 2008

Rafael Da Silva

Hey ppl,

I've decided on going back for awhile to my old habits. Which are posting all things Man Utd or even football related. This is because i know many of you out there who used to follow my blog before are getting restless and wondering why i stopped. Well theres no exact reason of course. Im still nuts for football and all the rest that comes with it. AND yes i still LOVE MAN UTD. I recently got an e-mail from one of my blog fans saying why did i stop writing football related stuff. So here i am posting something something for all of you'll out there whom are still madly in love with football and Man Utd of course! :)

So my topic this time is RAFAEL!!! Or more betterly known and hailed as The next protoge from Sir Alex. For most of you who dont know who is Rafael all i can say is read!

Rafael is a young and upcoming talent that hails from Brazil. just 17 years old He is a right back defender but can also play midfield. His impressive performance have made veteran defenders gasp in awe. WHy??? Okay he's hot in my eyes :P Back to topic he has mad defending skills and not to mention he is an great attacking defender. And i got a THING for defenders :P

What most of you wont know is that Rafael has a twin brother! And even more his twin is also in MAN UTD! Okay this is starting to sound like some kind of spanish soap opera bt its the FACT ppl . His brother's name is Fábio Pereira da Silva. Cool ryte? I know!!!

With such young talent boiling at his hands all Sir Alex has to say isthat he feels that Rafael da Silva is an excellent player with lots of enthusiasm and determination. And i couldnt possibly agree more!!! His fast pace mixed with his urge to keep moving forward helps the Manchester United defence as well as their front areas. This is one young talent nobody wants to loose. I'm sure he will be a Star! Now all he needs is to keep himself in check in he is definately sure to make a huge MARK on United's defenders! To join forces such as Nemanja Vidic( my bf) & Rio Ferdinand!

Quoting Alex Ferguson from the Man Utd official website :
"We’ve had to sit and wait until we’ve seen the real thing – playing in games. Rafa started against Peterborough in a friendly game, and he immediately took our breath away. He was absolutely magnificent and we knew then he had a real chance." (quoted from man utd official website)

p.s. if i dont get him i wouldnt mind his twin!! ;)


Out & About,

December 7, 2008

Reunion :)

Hey ppl,
Day b4 yesterday me and my old skool frens had a reunion. Most of the girls were almost like they were back in standard 6 though the guys have changed a LOT. Some of them are sooo tall. ife's unfair why do girls have to stop growing taller after 15......

Anyways here are some pics....
p.s. i'm just posting some here the rest are on mys....

Hit It girls :
(From top above left) Sara, Effa, Wanie, Ha, Sha
(From below left) Elli, Nadz, ME, Deyna, Sab

(From left): Deyna & Nadz

:P All smiles

(FROM LEFT)Nadz, Me, Akram, Deyna & Sha

hmm Nadz ni enter frame everywhere..hahah
oh yeah Deyna & Akram planned their outfits to sync hahha

The old Nuts clan with Jason enter framing....

(From Left): Nadz, Ha, Me & Deyna & Sha on the move
(Enter Frame) Jason

Hahahha man why does he have to be so tall!

Oh yeah Jason stole the show from all the malay guys becos nadz was going crazy over him so was Ha.. but nadz was crazyyy.. ... i was just in awe of his tallness!!!! Deyna was the *mangsa* cos she had to take all of nadz gan jason's shots..hahah

We're missing out FUCIA!!! & IKHA!!!!

Out & About,

Sharanya :P

December 6, 2008

I'm a ALICE :)

hey ppl,

I took this quiz and guess what I'm a ALICE!!! yeah hehehe :D

You're an Alice:
You are intelligent, outgoing & stylish. A true girly girl, you love shopping & makeovers.
Although you are a generous friend, you can be coy, tricky & very persuasive in order to
get your way. You are known to zone out occasionally during conversations, but your
friends forgive you because you are understanding, supportive & know how to throw one
heck of a party!

I'm a Alice! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!

**take it and tell me ur results

out and about,
Shanya :)
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

December 5, 2008

Aim High or Dont Aim at ALL

Hey ppl,

Yes today im gonna blab about aiming high. As most of you know people mostly say trying aiming for something realistic and all. My answer to that is heck NO WAY!!!

Why? Simply because i belive in the other theory on aims. Which is? If you Aim High you will at the least hit the neck but if you Aim Low/Medium you will hit the feet. So my point is dream! Yes DREAM! Dont bother what people say. Yes they may not be any real life Edward or Jacob's but if you aim them you'll surely get someone with any realtings to them.

Hmm..... Young people especially should always AIM/DREAM. But not to forget we must never forget that no matter what age you may be its NEVER too late to Dream Big.

I for one love dreaming. Whether it may be guys,the future, heck whether i'll still be stuck in malaysia after SPM! It relly doesnt matter.... all i can say is Enjoy Life,Dream Big &Aim High andddd Never Say I dont Care!

**ideas for this post came up when i was chatting with Lina**
p.s. my friends click best with me thanks to our almost similar HUMONGOUS DREAMS/AIMS

But you can start with little dreams/aims if your new at this.
eg: Tomorrow i aim to eat chocolate :)

signing off,

Just A Day's Work

hey ppl,

Lately my dad's been asking me to help him out to do his football contest. And believe me it cant get more tiresome than this! My word here is dad ur LUCKY u have a daughter thats mad for football. Thought lately i really wish sometimes i didnt like football.

Anyways tomorrow my old skool peeps are having a REUNION. The funny story is at first i thought it was just the Nuts clan then suddenly i go to syamir's profile and i see nadz telling its lyke gonna be 50 plus ppl. I was literally hahhah. Then i realised that deep in me i kinda expected this. Everything nadz does is ALWAYS bigs. Props to her!

So yup im meeting up my whole standard 6 bunch of friends. And honestly i cant wait. I have like so many wonders as to how some of them turned out. I can just imagine those ppl which i havent been intouch at all staring at me not knowing who the hell am i. Thank the long hair. Im honestly having butterflies and mixtures of feelings. HAHAH

I'm so tired now so this is my ending blog late at night

signing off,
Shanya :)

December 1, 2008

Twilight haters/Bashers

hey ppl,
hahha its so oh so funny that they are actually guys whom go to twilight forums and sites just to bash the book the actors the author or simply the movie itself.
I mean dude i understand you want attention but if you think that by doing what you're doing your atrractng girls. Well then go to hell!!!
No offence guys its either u watch and dnt comment about it to twilighters or you just shut up and keep you thoughts to urself :))))

*** enjoy:)))

signing off,