December 31, 2008

Yes..... its True...... 6A's 1 dumbass B

Hey ppl,
Last Tuesday i took my results. AND as i said anything lesser than straight A's i'd be the saddest person this New Year...well thats true. But they are some good things that have come behind this whole results. I 'll tell you as the post gets on. So stick with me. AND feel free to comment i wont be offended if you did get straight A's i'd be HAPPY for you and wish you all the best. Cos thats how i've matured throughout this whole results. I feel like a different person ..... I KNOW I AM.

When the teacher said all the straight A's students name she started off with the 8A's students then only headed for the 7A's ppl. So when the 8A's fnished i burst into tears of which i had no idea why. And it ot worse when she said the 7A's ppl names and i wasnt in! Yes i cried ...yes im no ROBOT youll think i am...... I may act cold but i'm easily the most breakable person on planet Earth. It SUCKED lemme tell you that the feeling of not being one of those straight A's ppl SUCKS!!! My frens didnt get it either maybe thats why i started crying as soon as the 8A's ppl were done said.

So we had to then collect our results slips from our class teacher. At that poin i felt like all reason to live was over. I was so serious not knowing>>... Did i get C's B's. ??? WHat in the HELL went wrong! Then i went to our class teacher she said "Sharanya what a pity" And she looked at me with a sad face. I thought oh god........... and began crying My eyes off. Sze Yan , QM, Lina, Al were there luckily. I hugged QM, sze yan and cried my ass off then only i took my results. IT WAS only 1 B. Yes i didnt even see my slip when i began crying. I took it and headed for the rest.

The feeling of getting 1 B yes 1 B!!! HURT more than getting a couple of C's. Because i was this close yet so Far! IT HURT BADLY. Real bad i really dont know why i was on full blow cry mode and i knew a certain of my classmates would have been "Why is she crying its only one B kita org lagi bnyk B's". Yes you GUYS ARE RYTE!!!! But YOU dont know ME so YOU CANT HELL JUDGE ME!!!! One B for a dumbass subject like KH!!!

Im very gratefull of the friends i have. I apologised to them for being such a Drama Queen(which was my nickname) ... but like true GREAT friends they were like "Its skay". THEY ARE TRUE FRIENDS !!

I told my dad. He was okay suprisingly but he got really angry at the KH subject. Yes i got B for KH. My family understands and it seems like IN FACT IM MY HARDEST CRITIC. My sis left me a super meanigfull message on Facebook and that made me feel that much HAPPIER. Why? I dont admit this but i know deep down it wasnt just letting down my family and dad. But it was also of LETTING DOWN HER. So im proud of having my sister no matter how much of a GENIUS she maybe :'D

Things I Learnt:
1)Life's not over....And i'm not DEAD
2)I have GREAT TRUE friends
3)I have a great Family
4)I'm who i am and i have to accept it
5) I'm gonna kick ASS next year and hopefully form 1 SHARANYA will be back.
6) I'm a better person.
7) I'm still sad but im happy
8) This was a wake-up call
9) Im gonna study hard and play hard next year

10) IM GONNA GET STRAIGHT A1'S FR SPM even if it kills me!

out & about,


rory said...

i feel ya
i truly feel ya

Shanya said...

yeah i feel myself too!! ahahha

Najihah Hakim said...

overwhelmed by the past, when we took our upsr results :'(

Shanya said...

i guess i felt like a total dissapoinment..... it all seemed to easy last time guess its true life SUCKS in many ways as time goes on