December 5, 2008

Aim High or Dont Aim at ALL

Hey ppl,

Yes today im gonna blab about aiming high. As most of you know people mostly say trying aiming for something realistic and all. My answer to that is heck NO WAY!!!

Why? Simply because i belive in the other theory on aims. Which is? If you Aim High you will at the least hit the neck but if you Aim Low/Medium you will hit the feet. So my point is dream! Yes DREAM! Dont bother what people say. Yes they may not be any real life Edward or Jacob's but if you aim them you'll surely get someone with any realtings to them.

Hmm..... Young people especially should always AIM/DREAM. But not to forget we must never forget that no matter what age you may be its NEVER too late to Dream Big.

I for one love dreaming. Whether it may be guys,the future, heck whether i'll still be stuck in malaysia after SPM! It relly doesnt matter.... all i can say is Enjoy Life,Dream Big &Aim High andddd Never Say I dont Care!

**ideas for this post came up when i was chatting with Lina**
p.s. my friends click best with me thanks to our almost similar HUMONGOUS DREAMS/AIMS

But you can start with little dreams/aims if your new at this.
eg: Tomorrow i aim to eat chocolate :)

signing off,

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rory said...

haha! you go girl!!!