December 11, 2008

Rafael Da Silva

Hey ppl,

I've decided on going back for awhile to my old habits. Which are posting all things Man Utd or even football related. This is because i know many of you out there who used to follow my blog before are getting restless and wondering why i stopped. Well theres no exact reason of course. Im still nuts for football and all the rest that comes with it. AND yes i still LOVE MAN UTD. I recently got an e-mail from one of my blog fans saying why did i stop writing football related stuff. So here i am posting something something for all of you'll out there whom are still madly in love with football and Man Utd of course! :)

So my topic this time is RAFAEL!!! Or more betterly known and hailed as The next protoge from Sir Alex. For most of you who dont know who is Rafael all i can say is read!

Rafael is a young and upcoming talent that hails from Brazil. just 17 years old He is a right back defender but can also play midfield. His impressive performance have made veteran defenders gasp in awe. WHy??? Okay he's hot in my eyes :P Back to topic he has mad defending skills and not to mention he is an great attacking defender. And i got a THING for defenders :P

What most of you wont know is that Rafael has a twin brother! And even more his twin is also in MAN UTD! Okay this is starting to sound like some kind of spanish soap opera bt its the FACT ppl . His brother's name is Fábio Pereira da Silva. Cool ryte? I know!!!

With such young talent boiling at his hands all Sir Alex has to say isthat he feels that Rafael da Silva is an excellent player with lots of enthusiasm and determination. And i couldnt possibly agree more!!! His fast pace mixed with his urge to keep moving forward helps the Manchester United defence as well as their front areas. This is one young talent nobody wants to loose. I'm sure he will be a Star! Now all he needs is to keep himself in check in he is definately sure to make a huge MARK on United's defenders! To join forces such as Nemanja Vidic( my bf) & Rio Ferdinand!

Quoting Alex Ferguson from the Man Utd official website :
"We’ve had to sit and wait until we’ve seen the real thing – playing in games. Rafa started against Peterborough in a friendly game, and he immediately took our breath away. He was absolutely magnificent and we knew then he had a real chance." (quoted from man utd official website)

p.s. if i dont get him i wouldnt mind his twin!! ;)


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