December 5, 2008

Just A Day's Work

hey ppl,

Lately my dad's been asking me to help him out to do his football contest. And believe me it cant get more tiresome than this! My word here is dad ur LUCKY u have a daughter thats mad for football. Thought lately i really wish sometimes i didnt like football.

Anyways tomorrow my old skool peeps are having a REUNION. The funny story is at first i thought it was just the Nuts clan then suddenly i go to syamir's profile and i see nadz telling its lyke gonna be 50 plus ppl. I was literally hahhah. Then i realised that deep in me i kinda expected this. Everything nadz does is ALWAYS bigs. Props to her!

So yup im meeting up my whole standard 6 bunch of friends. And honestly i cant wait. I have like so many wonders as to how some of them turned out. I can just imagine those ppl which i havent been intouch at all staring at me not knowing who the hell am i. Thank the long hair. Im honestly having butterflies and mixtures of feelings. HAHAH

I'm so tired now so this is my ending blog late at night

signing off,
Shanya :)

1 comment:

rory said...

well at least the reunion turn out ok rite