December 21, 2008

Manchester United Champions Of The World !!!

Hey ppl,

Here's my report have a read ;)
The game started with a line-up of the likes of Tevez, Rooney, Ronaldo, Vidic, Ferdinand, Rafael, Park Ji Sung, Van Der Sar, Anderson, & Carrick. A sure star buster team begin the game against opponents Liga de Quito.

First Half:
Manchester United had better possesion better scoring oppurtunities but The Goal was far from theirs. LdQ played a very defensive game barely any major attacks were made within the first half. Everyone was etting kinda jittery by then!! I mean where was the goal. I personally was screaming shit at the Tv because of the amount of times Man Utd missed oppurtunities. But had have to salute LdQ's goalie. He did a lot of saves and to be honest the defenders were just there but this man was the real stopper to what could have been a 10 -0 goal lead. On the whole it was super obvious that the match of Ronaldo, Rooney, & Tevex still had its charm. It never left! And i was super happy to see Tevez playing. He's like sunshine to my rainy day well not exactly but i prefer him to Berba just cause. Ding Ding Ding!!! First- half gave magnificent football but it was STILL 0-0???? Argghhhhhhhhhhhhh

Second Half:

Still 0-0!!!! wTh **P. The game was going like usual LdQ defending but Man Utd still attacking!! The suddenly Guess wat??? Vidic (my Bf) Was Red Carded!!!! WTF!!! It was a straight red not even a second yellow or what so. And guess wat The dude Hugged Vidic and the Vidic pushed him lah. Not so hard also. Believe me if MY Vidic were to really push that dude he would be FLYING!!! But guess wat?? That dude was such a gr8 actor and rolled and rolled and rolled. Gawd he should be given a freaking OSCAR!!!!! So the game continued with 10 players for Man Utd. But the suprising thing was Man Utd kept on attacking. BRAVO MY TEAM!!! They took out Tevez and strengthend their defense. THE GOAL:D Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks to a magnificent pass from ronaldo ROONEY SCORED!!!! Wuhoooo guess what its 1-0!!!!! I watched to see wondering if LdQ would stop defending and attack right. But guess what no they didnt. I was like huh???? Okay very weird!! But there were a couple of good attempts on their side. Like number number 21 a.k.a the guy i kept calling who had GREAT HAIR!!!!!! He was pretty good. I was shouting to my dad that he had SOMETHING in his hair thats why he's good. Ridiculous YES but well i love dramaing so TADAA!!!! Ding Ding Ding MANCHESTER UNITED WON!!!!!

Award Ceremony:

Gold Boot Went to - WAYNE ROONEY !!!! & he got a Toyota car as well COOLIO :))
Silver - RONALDO
Bronze - The guy with the AWESOME hair

Gamba Osaka won third place and second was none other then LdQ
and * *drumrolls**

Brava Sir Alex and to FYI Man Utd are the first ENGLISH TEAM to win THIS!!!!!
Out & About,
Phyche for MAN UTD,

Sharanya :)))))))))))))))))))))))


John said...

A BIG congratulation to all you Red Devil supporters out there. Truly the year 2008 has been an extra ordinary year for your team. First you guys conquered England, then Europe and now the World.

For me as an Argentina supporter, I must say that I’m pretty sad to see Carlos TEVEZ not getting his name in the score sheet. He was absolutely dangerous while he was on the pitch tonight but it was unfortunate to see him being substitute.

But I’m sure many of you (and football fans alike) will agree that he too played his part in making all this happen for your club.

I’ve just published my review on the final and would appreciate if you could check it out. Drop us comment as well please. Tell us about your ecstatic feeling after this latest victory.

C's said...


boo chelsea!
boo arsenal!
boo liverpool!

long live d red devils! <3

athirah said...

gila la haha u bole jadi reporter :D

Shanya said...

Yeay Man Utd !!! go QM!!!
Thanks Thira :)))) hehehe
UMmmm yes john i couldnt agree more Tevez was dangerous on the pitch at the first half.
AND yes Wuhooooo WE conquered England, then Europe and now the World. !!!!
Rock on RED DEVILS!!!

lalloya said...

man, shanya u cud b a journalist. is dat in ur future plan?haha

Shanya said...

No but i would like mcm consider it but my writing is to emotional for newspaper. MayB i cud do gossip blogging like perez hilton but for football!!! ooooooooo scandalous :D