December 7, 2008

Reunion :)

Hey ppl,
Day b4 yesterday me and my old skool frens had a reunion. Most of the girls were almost like they were back in standard 6 though the guys have changed a LOT. Some of them are sooo tall. ife's unfair why do girls have to stop growing taller after 15......

Anyways here are some pics....
p.s. i'm just posting some here the rest are on mys....

Hit It girls :
(From top above left) Sara, Effa, Wanie, Ha, Sha
(From below left) Elli, Nadz, ME, Deyna, Sab

(From left): Deyna & Nadz

:P All smiles

(FROM LEFT)Nadz, Me, Akram, Deyna & Sha

hmm Nadz ni enter frame everywhere..hahah
oh yeah Deyna & Akram planned their outfits to sync hahha

The old Nuts clan with Jason enter framing....

(From Left): Nadz, Ha, Me & Deyna & Sha on the move
(Enter Frame) Jason

Hahahha man why does he have to be so tall!

Oh yeah Jason stole the show from all the malay guys becos nadz was going crazy over him so was Ha.. but nadz was crazyyy.. ... i was just in awe of his tallness!!!! Deyna was the *mangsa* cos she had to take all of nadz gan jason's shots..hahah

We're missing out FUCIA!!! & IKHA!!!!

Out & About,

Sharanya :P

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