January 24, 2011

What My Blog Means To Me

Hey guys,

So recently I've reached a situation where I might have to shut down my blog. Though no worries thats not happening anytime soon hopefully at least I hope so after this post. You see my blog means a lot to me and I really dont see anything wrong with blogging safely which is what I do. I do know some bloggers like to stay on the edge of things and trigger a whole lot of issues and end up winding themselves in a sticky sticky mess but I'm different. None of my posts fit the bill I must say unless me talking about books that I love, and my daily ramblings count for frisky writing material.

So here goes nothing.... WHAT MY BLOG MEANS TO ME:

1) Its the one place where I can just write.

2) My blog has taught me a lot and I would definately credit it to improving my essays that I had to do for all my school exams.

3) Whatever topic of my interest like music and tv... I feel like my blog is the greatest place to vent out especially when my friends dont like the same things. Like who else am I supposed to talk about some of the stuff I like.

4) Blogging has matured me.

5) Without blogging at times there really isnt anything to do on the internet thus blogging is a healthy way to spend your time online in my opinion.

6) I write for myself when I grow old and cant remember my young days I hope this blog will bring back all those memories I'd like to relieve.

7) Loved ones like my sister who lives far away .. well she reads my blog and sometimes you know when I dont speak to her on MSN or phone then this is the only way she knows whats going on with me. And thats very important to me.

8) I have 22 followers for my blog, I currently have 2897 pageviews from readers all over the world, and yes the countless of comments from my readers who love my writing especially on certain posts. Thus I must be doing something right.

9) When I'm so bored this blog serves its purpose of de-boring me well.

10) This is one thing I have thats all mine. Just mine.

Well with all that said. This blog is so not going to get closed. It means a whole lot to me and thats it.

Signing out,

January 22, 2011

My First Paycheck ~ Ka-Ching!

Hey guys,
Next week is officially the end of the month and I'm getting my first paycheck! Hell Yeah! Not only is it my first paycheck but I'm the first person among all my cousins (mums side) and sisters to get a paycheck. Just the feeling of beating my elder sister in doing somethings first like this and driving instead of always being second and coming up a little bit short feels so good though it doesnt really account for anything. Anyways for those of you who wish on asking me to take you out and buy for you stuff with my firt pay I'm so sorry because my salary is so not enough to do so. I get paid RM500 for a half day job and of which I have transport both ways to and back from work because alliya's mum is like the kindest employer or maybe thats the benefit of alliya being my friend. So thats why I feel my salary is quite reasonable though when I think back of the kids I doubt it sometimes lol.

Well what am I going to do with my first salary is hard to say because I know a million and one things I so badly want to buy but knowing me and how I think before spending (a trait I dont quite fancy at times) those purchases arent going to happen. What I do know I have to do with my first salary is spend some of it on my parents so I was thinking maybe taking them out for dinner when my elder sister gets back from Indonesia. Its true you know when its you're money being spent you think and think and think honestly I feel like my parents are saints for spending so much on us sometimes or maybe I'm such a Scrooge. I bet my grandmother will be the happiest to know because my grandma is one of the best person at handling money and not overspending and I wish to be like her you know just the right balance of spending.

I am going to get my license hopefully before I go to college in March. I'm trying to claim the new Honda Civic of my dad's as my ride you know just to get him used to the idea but thats highly unlikely to happen so I guess its the old green Myvi for me. No complaints there because at least I have a car. Akka now on when you get back we dont have to be stuck at home! Yeay! As for college plans the updates are I'm probably starting in March, taking A-Levels Arts (Bussiness Studies, Econs and Law) and place is probably at Brickfields Asia College. I know when that starts I'm going to give it my all no more playing around I kinda promised myself because theres a huge dream for me on the line over here a dream that only my friends know of because they have it too and so does a 100 millions others want too so I have to work my butt off for this because I want it so badly.

Also heres another thing I just needed to vent out 7 A's gets you a brand new phone, get 6 A's just 1 freaking B you get NOTHING. Its not that I want a phone like badly or I'm jealous in any way (I'm actually superbly happy for the person that got it) but I just wanted to state that this is not whats supposed to happen to anyone that got my results because it just promotes the wrong thing dont you agree. If I was a total idiot I would learn the wrong lesson here but I'm no idiot so the only lesson I learnt here is work harder and pray for luck :)

*Cant wait for my first paycheck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Signing out,

January 21, 2011

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

So just yesterday I finally finished reading a book that I cant describe in just words. I was at the Final Remarks part and from the start of that chapter till the end of the book I cried because I could just imagine the pain and seeing as this was a real story the pain felt just as real too but dont think that this book is just a sad, sad book because its NOT! Stress on NOT as a matter of fact some of the humour in this book will mind boggle you and the most important part of the book is the hard hitting life facts and positivity it teaches one. Anyways it will usually take me like only a few hours to finish a book that thin but unfortunately I've been busy thesedays as most of you might have noticed. My aunt actually lend me this book and to be honest I'm always a sceptic when borrowing my aunts books and this is because she reads real heavy duty books that my brain sometimes get blurred half way through but when she suggested me the book and I saw how thin the book was I was like heck I'll give this one a try and that's a choice I'm so happy I made.

So what is this book about? This book was written by a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon, Randy Pausch (who was dieing of pancreatic cancer) with the help of Jeffrey Zaslow. He actually gave a lecture tittled "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" and this is what the book was about. Last Lectures are actually quite common amongst professors who wish to end their careers and it is done as a mark of the things and knowledge they would wish to share before their life ended sooner or later and what most professors do is imagine a situation where they were dieing but in Randy Pausch's case he didnt need to imagine since the doctors told him he only had a few months left to live. Randy had a wife named Jai, 6 year old son named Dylan, 3 year old son named Logan and 2 year old daughter named Chloe. So what this father of three wanted to do was leave a mark of himself for his children to remember him and to teach them all the things he would have wanted to teach them if not for the cancer so his last lecture was never intended for us if we didnt want it but belive me you will want it. The lessons he shares with his children are vey much things we human beings simply forget or just havent learned about it yet.

Above: Randy with Logan and Dylan while Jai with Chloe

Now for a few things and lessons that this book shared with me to make me feel more inspired than ever by a form of writing (in no particular order) is:

1) " If you can dream it, you can do it."

2) " Just because you're in the driver's seat doesnt mean you have to run people over."

3) " When you're screwing up and nobody says anything to you anymore that means they've given up on you so you're better or having critics because often they are the ones who care about you and want to make you better."

4) " If I work hard enough there will be things I can do tommorow that I couldnt do today."

5) " Brick walls are there not to keep us out but for us to show how badly we want something."

6) " Luck is indeed where preparation meets oppurtunity."

7) " We cannot change the cards we're dealt just how we play the hand."

and the most important of all

8) " If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself. The dreams will come to you." So have dreams and always believe in them but basically dont obsess about them because if you live your life the right way they will come true someday whether in one way or another because thats what Randy Pausch did and he made them all come true in his way

Above: Randy's favourite picture with his kids Logan, Dylan and Chloe

I must say the lessons I just quoted from the book is only less than a quarter of what the book has to offer. Plus there's a story behind each of these lessons pretty much, this was how he had learned the lessons and believe me the stories will really paint you a more detailed and just stunning picture of these life lessons that are so valuable. It also stuns you again at the beauty of family. So... GO BUY THIS BOOK BECAUSE YOU WILL SIMPLY NOT REGRET IT!

* When I become a parent one day I'm going to read this book again so for all the people that are soon to be parents or already are you know you just have to read it.

Signing out,

January 11, 2011

Gorgeous Sights

Hey Guys,

So here are some random pictures from my tumblr that I absolutely love because I just think they're too darn beautiful. Plus I hope the pictures can cheer up my a bit depressing blog lately.

* My tumblr link is at the sidebar of my blog, you can click on it if you wish to visit my tumblr.
Signing Out,

January 10, 2011

Just Pushing Through

" Just Keep Striving And Aiming Above Anyone Else And Never Give Up On Your Dream For That Is What We All Are Here For "

" When Others Give Up On You Dont Start Giving Up On You Too For That Makes All The Difference "

" Stand Up For What You Believe In Because Its The Only Way To Be Heard "


"It Doesn't Prove A Thing If You Don't Follow The Route Everyone Asks Of You All It Does Is Show You That You Are SPECIAL"

Katy Perry

Hey guys,
So well I think Katy Perry is like one of the most beautiful looking person I've seen ... though how and why in the hell did she marry Russell Brand is beyond me. But if she did end up with Josh Groban I may have hated it even more lol.

* I love her but isn't it funny i love josh groban too but you know i was over the moon when the rumours or whatever they were about them didnt turn out like serious.

* And i know most people say she cant sing but the girl makes the most catchiest songs ever period and for that she deserves major credit :)

Signing out,

January 9, 2011

Education Fair

Hey guys,

So just a few hours ago I went for an education fair to find some answers. Yet now flash to the present back I'm sitting here in front of my computer just feeling like shit. Do keep in mind I'm not feeling well fever, flu, and exhaustion. So add all of those physical sickness to my mental problems and emotional distress you get one very very depress 18 year old. So let me explain why exactly I'm feeling the way I am and how the Education Fair played its part in depressing me.

So it all starts with my friend QM saying she's going to Taylor's for January intake as well which leads me to having to be like one less friend in my tadika job when I was suppose to go through this experience with her and we even had a plan :( Besides that the fact this depresses me as well is because I'm the only alevels taking person left out from the equation and I'm starting to doubt my choice in many ways.

Then comes the education fair which I went to with my parents. So as soon as we entered it was like BAC so to put it really simple thats where we spent almost all our time at. Because my parents are pretty set on BAC being my college and maybe I am too now just that they wanted to find out a bit more which I have to be honest we did find out a ton. First we talked to a few of the BAC students and I found out:

- There is a 2 subject fast track programme for alevels. Yes it IS possible to take 2 subjects for

- Singapore doesnt recognise a whole lot of Law degress from a bunch of UK uni's.

- Eng Lit is really not a good option to take since the passing rate is very low in general.

- Econs is an easier subject to score than Bussiness Studies.

- By taking the fast track route I will be saving a whole load of time.

- Doing arts alevels and being a science stream student in high school is possible and is actually very good thing.

So by finding out about all the above one would think wow she must have been enlighted and just peachy but NO I wasn't the least bit. You see I had this mindset going in I was going to take 3 subjects, going to start March. My 3 subjects were going to be Law, Bussiness Studies and Eng Lit. So I'm sure my blog readers which is you are smart enough to figure out how this whole bunch of argh information was bugging my "plan".

Then came the very kind man that would probably be my future Economics teacher, well he was the one giving the info and he asked me why was I not starting in January and well I know my answer wasnt good enough since it was the part time job and just you knowing taking a little breather not that it feels like any right now. Then he asked me what i got for trials and I said 6 A's and yeap he was even more like ???!! and started mentioning how I qualify for the fast track programme. Sigh.

Thus right now I just feel like crap and blur and scared and sick and worried and just plain sigh sigh and SIGH!
* Oh also the teacher said something that I found very I dont know whats the word to decribe the feeling but it just hit like BAM in your faces science people.
" Science students become doctors, but arts students OWN THE HOSPITAL"

*Oh btw for most of you who dont know, well I'm kind of on the road contemplating Law thus all the above... god knows if I'd change my mind but for right now hmph I feel pretty set.

* Gosh yeay! I dont feel depress anymore after this ranting out :)

Signing out,

January 6, 2011

Part Time Job = Exhaustion

Hey guys,
So just last Monday I started my first ever working experience as a pre school teacher at a friend's mums kindergarten. Luckily I am not going to be alone because thankfully I have my friend QM doing it with me and we're both going to be in charge of 3 year olds kids. So tomorrow will be the official end to a very very tiring week. On Monday I was asked to help in a five year old class since the 3 year old kids only started officialy on Wednesday. So that was a real "boom" there were kids everywhere I tell you but I was proud of myself because I so totally managed to handle them well and by the next day some of them were practically my bff's.

So yesterday came "the" day when we had our class the 3 year old's and some of them were pretty impressive while others well were a bit busy crying or being too quiet. Anyways there was this kid name Zamyr and he coloured a picture with crayons and coloured everything inside the line practically a 3 year old Picasso, while another kid named Rayyan knew letter A-Z and he could sing the song and the best bloody part the kid could recognise which letter was what. Please do not forget these were 3 year old's well some of them weren't even 3 yet seeing as to their birthdays were only in the later months!

Funny things that happened were when I was playing play doh with Rayyan and a really really cute kid named Josh and I was making a pizza for them. At first I was wondering why were they so quiet when I finished making the pizza then I heard salivating sounds from them and boy was I shocked. Josh and Rayyan both had their faces so close to the play doh pizza and their eyes were wide open. Lol and I was like "No, No, No you both are not going to eat that". And they both were like ohhhh in dissapoinment.
Well thats all I have for now. I must say this part time job I have taken on is SUPER tiring but for some reason working with kids just I don't know I feel this feeling of my part time job being a job where I'm learning a whole lot and gaining a million experiences.

* :)

Signing out,

January 1, 2011

I LOVE Josh Groban

Hey there,

Yes you read the tittle right I a 18 year old girl am totally and madly in love with Josh Groban and yes I mean the Josh Groban that only has mostly cougars loving him. I mean like is everybody totally blind or are they totally deaf or what because I really don't have a single clue on why in the hell is this guy still single. Is handsome, funny, adorable, nice and having a super soothing voice not do it anymore? Because hell I am confused like whats wrong with women thesedays like the hollywood ones at least since I know us real females out here don't have a standing chance and all but whats the females in hollywood's excuse??! Heck does everyone want some rockstar which smokes which does drugs and probably will cheat on you a million times so much better than a honest nice guy?
Well I'm really flabbergasted like this proves how women thesedays think and also proves what some person said on Oprah, he stated that the problem with women who are attracted to these rockstar probably going to beat you up guys is that these women think they are going to be the ones that change this rockstars to become some guy next door and he said it's never going to happen period and the faster these women realise that the lesser abuse cases we will have in this world.

Anyways this post is about my love to Josh Groban not about how stupid some people are for not going after him. Honestly like if I was living in US and all or somewhere near I would not be here right now typing this and instead I would probably be outside Josh Groban's house stalking him. Sigh but I guess thats what you get for living in Malaysia sometimes ...and the fact that Taylor Swift would rather go to Singapore instead argh! Moving on I have always been a fan of Josh Groban for quite sometime and well you could say I was a in the closet supporter for quite sometime. Heck what could I do? All my friends were into rockers or korean bands or pop and rap well i love all that kind of music too but Josh Groban's music just speaks to me.

I remember last year when a friend of mine was in a bit of a dump. Well it was actually both of us in a dump because we wanted something so badly and just didn't seem to be getting our hands on it (we have yet to by the way). Anyways at that period of time I was listening to this particular Josh Groban song You Are Loved ( Don't Give Up) and I shared it with my friend and she was hooked on it too. Maybe it was just because the lyrics at that time and even now means a lot to us. Just the simple fact of not giving up, when he sings about it..... I believe.

Okay so thats all I have for now but before I leave heres something funny I found on tumblr and just explained exactly how I feel posting this to you guys right now

* Come to Malaysia Josh!

Signing out,

Happy New Year!

Hey you,

Happy New Year! Well 2011 is starting off to a great start so far for me I just passed my driving theory examination I got 47/50 in ONE seating like can you believe it??! Well I'm thankfull that I passed it now for the driving part I guess which to be totally honest I'm scared out of my mind for. I always thought I was a brave person but after the "jump in the pool" incident I'm starting to doubt my courage. Of course behind that fiasco was my swimming instructor a man with a big smile but please don't be fooled by that because you could technically say he drowned me a few times literally. Like who in the hell pushes someone into a pool a million times anyways I can swim thanks to him but I promise I shall never jump into a pool for the rest of my life at least on my own will.

So with the brand new year approaching I have a long list of things to be achieved. I'm not going to reveal all in this blog because some of them are pretty personal but amongst the many are driving, starting college, ace'ing all the exams I have to sit in college, getting a scholarship, saving money, and of course posting more posts on my blog for all you awesome people out there who have been listening in to my crappings. So there's a little bit of my new year resolutions.

Oh by the way I've read a ton of zodiac horoscopes and what not but I can't help but to laugh because every year they say the same ol' thing yet nothing of such ever happens period. Well I still like reading them though. As the saying goes you can never have enough hope in your life.

Well bye bye 2010! Move over for 2011 and hopefully time passes a bit slower this year! :)
Also good luck and may all your resolutions be achieved to my little crappers!

Signing out,