January 6, 2011

Part Time Job = Exhaustion

Hey guys,
So just last Monday I started my first ever working experience as a pre school teacher at a friend's mums kindergarten. Luckily I am not going to be alone because thankfully I have my friend QM doing it with me and we're both going to be in charge of 3 year olds kids. So tomorrow will be the official end to a very very tiring week. On Monday I was asked to help in a five year old class since the 3 year old kids only started officialy on Wednesday. So that was a real "boom" there were kids everywhere I tell you but I was proud of myself because I so totally managed to handle them well and by the next day some of them were practically my bff's.

So yesterday came "the" day when we had our class the 3 year old's and some of them were pretty impressive while others well were a bit busy crying or being too quiet. Anyways there was this kid name Zamyr and he coloured a picture with crayons and coloured everything inside the line practically a 3 year old Picasso, while another kid named Rayyan knew letter A-Z and he could sing the song and the best bloody part the kid could recognise which letter was what. Please do not forget these were 3 year old's well some of them weren't even 3 yet seeing as to their birthdays were only in the later months!

Funny things that happened were when I was playing play doh with Rayyan and a really really cute kid named Josh and I was making a pizza for them. At first I was wondering why were they so quiet when I finished making the pizza then I heard salivating sounds from them and boy was I shocked. Josh and Rayyan both had their faces so close to the play doh pizza and their eyes were wide open. Lol and I was like "No, No, No you both are not going to eat that". And they both were like ohhhh in dissapoinment.
Well thats all I have for now. I must say this part time job I have taken on is SUPER tiring but for some reason working with kids just I don't know I feel this feeling of my part time job being a job where I'm learning a whole lot and gaining a million experiences.

* :)

Signing out,

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