January 22, 2011

My First Paycheck ~ Ka-Ching!

Hey guys,
Next week is officially the end of the month and I'm getting my first paycheck! Hell Yeah! Not only is it my first paycheck but I'm the first person among all my cousins (mums side) and sisters to get a paycheck. Just the feeling of beating my elder sister in doing somethings first like this and driving instead of always being second and coming up a little bit short feels so good though it doesnt really account for anything. Anyways for those of you who wish on asking me to take you out and buy for you stuff with my firt pay I'm so sorry because my salary is so not enough to do so. I get paid RM500 for a half day job and of which I have transport both ways to and back from work because alliya's mum is like the kindest employer or maybe thats the benefit of alliya being my friend. So thats why I feel my salary is quite reasonable though when I think back of the kids I doubt it sometimes lol.

Well what am I going to do with my first salary is hard to say because I know a million and one things I so badly want to buy but knowing me and how I think before spending (a trait I dont quite fancy at times) those purchases arent going to happen. What I do know I have to do with my first salary is spend some of it on my parents so I was thinking maybe taking them out for dinner when my elder sister gets back from Indonesia. Its true you know when its you're money being spent you think and think and think honestly I feel like my parents are saints for spending so much on us sometimes or maybe I'm such a Scrooge. I bet my grandmother will be the happiest to know because my grandma is one of the best person at handling money and not overspending and I wish to be like her you know just the right balance of spending.

I am going to get my license hopefully before I go to college in March. I'm trying to claim the new Honda Civic of my dad's as my ride you know just to get him used to the idea but thats highly unlikely to happen so I guess its the old green Myvi for me. No complaints there because at least I have a car. Akka now on when you get back we dont have to be stuck at home! Yeay! As for college plans the updates are I'm probably starting in March, taking A-Levels Arts (Bussiness Studies, Econs and Law) and place is probably at Brickfields Asia College. I know when that starts I'm going to give it my all no more playing around I kinda promised myself because theres a huge dream for me on the line over here a dream that only my friends know of because they have it too and so does a 100 millions others want too so I have to work my butt off for this because I want it so badly.

Also heres another thing I just needed to vent out 7 A's gets you a brand new phone, get 6 A's just 1 freaking B you get NOTHING. Its not that I want a phone like badly or I'm jealous in any way (I'm actually superbly happy for the person that got it) but I just wanted to state that this is not whats supposed to happen to anyone that got my results because it just promotes the wrong thing dont you agree. If I was a total idiot I would learn the wrong lesson here but I'm no idiot so the only lesson I learnt here is work harder and pray for luck :)

*Cant wait for my first paycheck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Signing out,

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