January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hey you,

Happy New Year! Well 2011 is starting off to a great start so far for me I just passed my driving theory examination I got 47/50 in ONE seating like can you believe it??! Well I'm thankfull that I passed it now for the driving part I guess which to be totally honest I'm scared out of my mind for. I always thought I was a brave person but after the "jump in the pool" incident I'm starting to doubt my courage. Of course behind that fiasco was my swimming instructor a man with a big smile but please don't be fooled by that because you could technically say he drowned me a few times literally. Like who in the hell pushes someone into a pool a million times anyways I can swim thanks to him but I promise I shall never jump into a pool for the rest of my life at least on my own will.

So with the brand new year approaching I have a long list of things to be achieved. I'm not going to reveal all in this blog because some of them are pretty personal but amongst the many are driving, starting college, ace'ing all the exams I have to sit in college, getting a scholarship, saving money, and of course posting more posts on my blog for all you awesome people out there who have been listening in to my crappings. So there's a little bit of my new year resolutions.

Oh by the way I've read a ton of zodiac horoscopes and what not but I can't help but to laugh because every year they say the same ol' thing yet nothing of such ever happens period. Well I still like reading them though. As the saying goes you can never have enough hope in your life.

Well bye bye 2010! Move over for 2011 and hopefully time passes a bit slower this year! :)
Also good luck and may all your resolutions be achieved to my little crappers!

Signing out,

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