January 1, 2011

I LOVE Josh Groban

Hey there,

Yes you read the tittle right I a 18 year old girl am totally and madly in love with Josh Groban and yes I mean the Josh Groban that only has mostly cougars loving him. I mean like is everybody totally blind or are they totally deaf or what because I really don't have a single clue on why in the hell is this guy still single. Is handsome, funny, adorable, nice and having a super soothing voice not do it anymore? Because hell I am confused like whats wrong with women thesedays like the hollywood ones at least since I know us real females out here don't have a standing chance and all but whats the females in hollywood's excuse??! Heck does everyone want some rockstar which smokes which does drugs and probably will cheat on you a million times so much better than a honest nice guy?
Well I'm really flabbergasted like this proves how women thesedays think and also proves what some person said on Oprah, he stated that the problem with women who are attracted to these rockstar probably going to beat you up guys is that these women think they are going to be the ones that change this rockstars to become some guy next door and he said it's never going to happen period and the faster these women realise that the lesser abuse cases we will have in this world.

Anyways this post is about my love to Josh Groban not about how stupid some people are for not going after him. Honestly like if I was living in US and all or somewhere near I would not be here right now typing this and instead I would probably be outside Josh Groban's house stalking him. Sigh but I guess thats what you get for living in Malaysia sometimes ...and the fact that Taylor Swift would rather go to Singapore instead argh! Moving on I have always been a fan of Josh Groban for quite sometime and well you could say I was a in the closet supporter for quite sometime. Heck what could I do? All my friends were into rockers or korean bands or pop and rap well i love all that kind of music too but Josh Groban's music just speaks to me.

I remember last year when a friend of mine was in a bit of a dump. Well it was actually both of us in a dump because we wanted something so badly and just didn't seem to be getting our hands on it (we have yet to by the way). Anyways at that period of time I was listening to this particular Josh Groban song You Are Loved ( Don't Give Up) and I shared it with my friend and she was hooked on it too. Maybe it was just because the lyrics at that time and even now means a lot to us. Just the simple fact of not giving up, when he sings about it..... I believe.

Okay so thats all I have for now but before I leave heres something funny I found on tumblr and just explained exactly how I feel posting this to you guys right now

* Come to Malaysia Josh!

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