January 9, 2011

Education Fair

Hey guys,

So just a few hours ago I went for an education fair to find some answers. Yet now flash to the present back I'm sitting here in front of my computer just feeling like shit. Do keep in mind I'm not feeling well fever, flu, and exhaustion. So add all of those physical sickness to my mental problems and emotional distress you get one very very depress 18 year old. So let me explain why exactly I'm feeling the way I am and how the Education Fair played its part in depressing me.

So it all starts with my friend QM saying she's going to Taylor's for January intake as well which leads me to having to be like one less friend in my tadika job when I was suppose to go through this experience with her and we even had a plan :( Besides that the fact this depresses me as well is because I'm the only alevels taking person left out from the equation and I'm starting to doubt my choice in many ways.

Then comes the education fair which I went to with my parents. So as soon as we entered it was like BAC so to put it really simple thats where we spent almost all our time at. Because my parents are pretty set on BAC being my college and maybe I am too now just that they wanted to find out a bit more which I have to be honest we did find out a ton. First we talked to a few of the BAC students and I found out:

- There is a 2 subject fast track programme for alevels. Yes it IS possible to take 2 subjects for

- Singapore doesnt recognise a whole lot of Law degress from a bunch of UK uni's.

- Eng Lit is really not a good option to take since the passing rate is very low in general.

- Econs is an easier subject to score than Bussiness Studies.

- By taking the fast track route I will be saving a whole load of time.

- Doing arts alevels and being a science stream student in high school is possible and is actually very good thing.

So by finding out about all the above one would think wow she must have been enlighted and just peachy but NO I wasn't the least bit. You see I had this mindset going in I was going to take 3 subjects, going to start March. My 3 subjects were going to be Law, Bussiness Studies and Eng Lit. So I'm sure my blog readers which is you are smart enough to figure out how this whole bunch of argh information was bugging my "plan".

Then came the very kind man that would probably be my future Economics teacher, well he was the one giving the info and he asked me why was I not starting in January and well I know my answer wasnt good enough since it was the part time job and just you knowing taking a little breather not that it feels like any right now. Then he asked me what i got for trials and I said 6 A's and yeap he was even more like ???!! and started mentioning how I qualify for the fast track programme. Sigh.

Thus right now I just feel like crap and blur and scared and sick and worried and just plain sigh sigh and SIGH!
* Oh also the teacher said something that I found very I dont know whats the word to decribe the feeling but it just hit like BAM in your faces science people.
" Science students become doctors, but arts students OWN THE HOSPITAL"

*Oh btw for most of you who dont know, well I'm kind of on the road contemplating Law thus all the above... god knows if I'd change my mind but for right now hmph I feel pretty set.

* Gosh yeay! I dont feel depress anymore after this ranting out :)

Signing out,

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