January 24, 2011

What My Blog Means To Me

Hey guys,

So recently I've reached a situation where I might have to shut down my blog. Though no worries thats not happening anytime soon hopefully at least I hope so after this post. You see my blog means a lot to me and I really dont see anything wrong with blogging safely which is what I do. I do know some bloggers like to stay on the edge of things and trigger a whole lot of issues and end up winding themselves in a sticky sticky mess but I'm different. None of my posts fit the bill I must say unless me talking about books that I love, and my daily ramblings count for frisky writing material.

So here goes nothing.... WHAT MY BLOG MEANS TO ME:

1) Its the one place where I can just write.

2) My blog has taught me a lot and I would definately credit it to improving my essays that I had to do for all my school exams.

3) Whatever topic of my interest like music and tv... I feel like my blog is the greatest place to vent out especially when my friends dont like the same things. Like who else am I supposed to talk about some of the stuff I like.

4) Blogging has matured me.

5) Without blogging at times there really isnt anything to do on the internet thus blogging is a healthy way to spend your time online in my opinion.

6) I write for myself when I grow old and cant remember my young days I hope this blog will bring back all those memories I'd like to relieve.

7) Loved ones like my sister who lives far away .. well she reads my blog and sometimes you know when I dont speak to her on MSN or phone then this is the only way she knows whats going on with me. And thats very important to me.

8) I have 22 followers for my blog, I currently have 2897 pageviews from readers all over the world, and yes the countless of comments from my readers who love my writing especially on certain posts. Thus I must be doing something right.

9) When I'm so bored this blog serves its purpose of de-boring me well.

10) This is one thing I have thats all mine. Just mine.

Well with all that said. This blog is so not going to get closed. It means a whole lot to me and thats it.

Signing out,

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