March 27, 2011

Mind Boggled

Hey guys,

So yeap recently I got my SPM results well more like last week but thankfully the results was ok probably more than I actually deserved. My parents and others keep asking how do I do it? By this they mean like how do I not study and get what i get (well to them I never study but I do heck what are tuitions for lol just kidding) anyways back to the question, my answer to it would be I really have no idea. I wish I did but I dont. To even make sense of it all I just tell myself someone "up there" is rooting for me.

Okay now my take on the whole matter of results, first of all I hate whoever that freaking suggested the idea to put a huge ass - behind grades. Because seriously having a few A- and having some people react to it as if its a D sucks big time. Secondly to all the school teachers of mine I love you guys but seriously do you have to act that SHOCKED that I scored in your subjects though I understand my school add maths teacher probably deserves it because if I was her I would be super shocked too and faint after that.

So on to the deeper stuff, I cant help but wish that I was one of those students that could say " I gave it all I've got. And this is what I got". Heck i bloody envy these people yes their results might be lesser than mines some of them but they can own it. Me? I just have that nagging feeling of regret just nagging at me saying imagine if you actually put the effort into studying?! SO MY MOTO FROM HERE ON IS TO GIVE EVERYTHING IN LIFE THE FULLEST I'VE GOT TO GIVE AND WHEN I GET WHATEVER THE OUTCOME IS I'M GOING TO SAY "I OWNED IT! " :)

out and about,


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