December 26, 2010

Inner Peace

Hey guys!

Well I'm back officially! :) Yes it took me ages and all but I wanted my 120th post to be about something that meant something to me. So for me i guess right now at this point of my life Inner Peace is a big thing. I have read articles and have had a ton of people telling me what they think inner peace is and how can it be obtained. Though i must say with all of these thoughts on the subject I have come to realize that inner peace is something that varies amongst different people. For some inner peace is obtained by seeking and praying, for others inner peace is obtained by doing whatever they want that brings them the most happiness. So when i came to this conclusion I started thinking what does inner peace mean to me?

Well for me I guess inner peace means that I have rid myself of worrying about petty stuff and being a person that is fully satisfied by all God's givings. With knowing what inner peace means to me I must admit I haven't reached it but what i do know is that now that i have this realisation in me I definately am on my way. It has occured to me before why do I keep worrying about the smallest of things and overthink almost every matter of my life. Also I remain thankfull to god i have to say for all that god has given me like perfect health, a great family, a roof above my head, and just for the sun shining outside my window but maybe it comes with the fact of me being young and not wise enough when i think of the luxury in this world that I may not have and wish I could have.

Some say it is human to never be fully satisfied but I want to be the exception. So I hope when I grow old and before death comes knocking at my door that I have achieved Inner Peace by then.

Signing off,
Shanya :)

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