December 16, 2010

My Schooling Experiences Wrapped Up

Hey guys,

So i was just like thinking yesterday night about everything you know. The deep thoughts like the hard lessons I've learnt through out my schooling years, the way I've changed personally, my views on life and the people I've met in my course of schooling. Yes i am officially a Malaysian that is DONE with school. Of course theres college and university to look forward but I prefer to not categorise that as "school".

I still remember my primary school days. I had a friend called Yen Yen and i knew her since tadika. She stuck through with me and she taught me a lot she probably taught me that best friends and real friends will stick with you even when you are in the worse condition in your life.Then standard 5 came and i can't quite remember how it all happened but i got close to my first crazy bunch. Najihah, Shakirah, Fasiha, Nadzira, Diyana and Zulaikha a.k.a The Nuts. They were probably my first gang and the amount of ridiculous things we did were countless. Do you guys remember the kinda Burn Book thing?.... and boy can you guys even forget our nicknames and all the crushes you guys had lol. They taught me to be myself in a way I guess its thanks to them I got more open as a person and I was on my way. Unfortunately i also remember that September 2005 as well when we knew inside each of us it was time to part.
below: The Nuts! ( I even had an afro back then damn i was cool!) and Yen Yen, me and Manjira.
Then form 1 came in a brand new school, new people, new environment. It was a start from scratch kind of thing. I remember being nervous yet i was super hyper and friendly it was scary and that was so not me but it was good that inner friendly person came inside me because i made a ton of friends. I was close to syaza, arvin, shaun, vimal, weng hoh, athirah and now its practically like I'm strangers with these people i guess only Shaun hasn't totally bailed on me in a way lesson learnt people change, time changes things when it shouldn't. Yet I did make two best friends as well Tan Sze Yan and Alliya Fuad they were my exceptions i guess to that lesson because they have stuck with me through all the crap and I love them so much its hard to say it in words. I met Alliya the first and she stole my pen and as much as she denies it i'm sticking with my story just cause it makes things more interesting right alliya ;) Then came sze yan and can't remember exactly what we hit off on I think it was Supernatural and this girl has only gotten funnier by time and as much as she ditches us now lol i don't hate you andrea! :P
Then form 3 came and i met two amazing people Lina and Qamarina a.k.a QM ak.a Ribena apparently. They have been a blast to be with it and they truly colour my life. Lina you have been my GMTA person and all that texting I'm so sorry for increasing your bill lol. Qm i guess you have just made me laugh with your blurness and you have been there and i mean literally all "the" phone calls you know what i'm referring to so well thanks for that. Form 4 and Form 5 just bonded me, lina, alliya, qm, and sze yan tighter i guess when you go through the amount of shit we've gone through together where people you trust or thought were your friends turn their backs on you just reminds you better to cherish the ones who are true to you like you guys.

Of course they have been other friends which i have had a blast with them that is Divya Gowri, Sher Lin my hottie, Letticia (god i will never forget you!), Khairul (as much as you annoy me you are a good friend), and to all the rest of you out there which I've met on the road you guys have been awesome. Not to forget my debate family I love you people and my debate trainer and teacher who also taught me a whole bunch of things i didn't know and you could say debate made me more aware of world issues. I guess going to school for 11 years has not been a complete waste because it has made me who i am today, a stronger more sensible person. To alliya, lina, qm, sze yan i hope we don't change what we have because i have seen too many times how time makes people strangers thus I pray we pass the test of time.
Love you girls!!!

Signing out,
Sharanya :)


lalloya said...

awww shanya. i love you :D

Sharanya said...

I love you tooo :D lol

rory said...

AWWWW :') Don't worry, the only ppl u shud be worrying about is ribena n andrea ;) JK! :D

Sharanya said...

Hahahahahaha ribena and andrea are my biggest worries i tak leh tidur malam thinking bout them hahahah lol