December 13, 2010

Hey GUYS!!!!!

Its been ages since i've posted and I am truly sorry to everyone that follows my crappings and especially my followers. I was really busy throughout this whole year and was totally lacking time to blog thanks to a certain examination called Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia a.k.a SPM. Anyways i just wanted to update you guys on a certain couple of important things:

1) My friends and I have just started an amzing youth blog that touches on all bases of what we youths are about. I'm sure you will find posts there more general and very informative and plain ol' fun so if you have the time pleaseeeeeeee pretty please check out! :)

2) If at all any of you my beloved readers wish to see more pictures and graphics on what things that are fun and have the names Glee, Gossip Girl, Josh Groban, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick and just plain random funny crappings check out my Tumblr i promise you there is some funny funny stuff on there :)

3) I'm going to be changing my blog address so please take note because i love you guys and im sure you do the same :)

Thats about it thanks for keeping up! Will start posting very very soon i PROMISE :D

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