April 14, 2010

This What Debate Does To You

Hey ppl,

Lately my life seems to evolving around debate and well nothing else. My brains cells feel like they’re on overload mode and I’m becoming ‘ditzier’ by the second. Here’s why I say so:

Bio Teacher: Oestrogen and Testesterone hormones develop secondary sexual characteristics for respective genders. Like for guys deepening of voice and facial hair, for girls ‘memory glands’ and such

ME: *in a disbelief voice and in pure awe* OMG no wonder I can remember what happened in my childhood cos I didn’t have ‘memory glands’

*whole tuition class starts laughing except lina who doesn’t know why*

And when I said it only then I realized my teacher meant ‘MAMMARY GLANDS’ not “memory glands”

Very awkward moment seeing as too my tuition class is all girls and my teachers a guy. Yeap but well that’s the first time I saw him laugh that hard. Well I’m too tired until I don’t quite care, should just dye my hair next to blonde.

Also the same day before that I had debate practice and as usual I get P.O.I’ed by our trainer A LOT. Fell like im saying dumb things that’s why I get it the worst. Well once again not my fault. STUPID event that happened:

Me: *leaves script on table and moves to take a book to put on top o script cos the fan would blow it while I’m speaking.

*fan blows my script while I go get my book*

Aqil: *picks up my script (he’s my opponent btw in the debate)*

Me: *dramatically turns back and in full drama eye mode*

Aqil: *weirded out face but keeps picking my script* cos he’s helpful

Tim(trainer): *controls laughter like he’s just seen the most ‘kiasu’ person on planet Earth*
Lina n Qm: *Just burst out laughing*

Me: *covering up* Oh I was just joking Aqil. Thanks *feeling like someone pls shoot me I didn’t just do that*

Last stupid thing I just figured out, I think my trainer called me loud and obnoxious to my face but he meant it in a good way so I can whack a certain prawn yeap. Well that’s that im obnoxious who would have guessed i always thought i was soft spoken.

*This is what debate does to you*
*I should make a reality show it wud surely sell*
**warning don’t start to debate, cos there’s no way out**

Urs Truly,

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