December 29, 2008

Questions of Life

Hey guys,

Its been like what ages??? Since i've actually done a proper blog post on whatever thats going in on my life! Usualy my posts are always mixed and jumbled up with my Man Utd stuffings so i decided to create a special blog for JUST my Man Utd rantings!

Here's the Link:

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So Basically everyone is ushering the New Year in. In QM's blog she's already planning which partayy she's gonna be heading at! All this makes me feel lost. I feel like i have no direction to where i'm heading?? Whats gonna happen to my friendships??? My frens might be going arts and well im not dealing well. Today my dad said if your results are not good then its OKAY you can go Arts stream. He just says that but only I KNOW his dissapoinment.

To me anything lesser than straight BOLD 7As i will not be happy. And i will be ushering the New Year in a not so jolly mood! This would be my first New Year without my sister and it just makes it all That much worse!

I feel like im losing ppl ?? For some stupid reason!! WHy??? I really dont know! I'mJust not sure which road am i to choose! Its all so absurd. People are saying my options are a sea's worth of LIMIT but i still have this whole empty feeling.

Among My Few Questions:

1)Will me and my friends remain tight even when we are heading different directions and classes?

2)What will i be when i grow up?

3)Will i be the same person no matter how my results go?

4) Will i be able to joke and be the laugh cracker with my frens when the results come?

5) Will the book thingy happen?

6) Where will i be this time next year?


7) What does the freaking future hold for ME!!

out and about,

1 comment:

QM said...

true friends would nvr outgrow each other. of course we'll be as close as now!!

u guys r totally d best weirdos(LOL) i've ever met!

sigh. i wan straight A's too );