December 15, 2008


Hey ppl,

I was chatting with lina yesterday and well the topic we were talking about was very interesting. Bt only we would understand and not think how ridiculous the topic was about.

Basically the topic was about future plans. Most of you guys and girls would think future plans well how boring why is it ridiculous? Well if you knew our future plans then you'd see clearly the ridiculousness in it all.

So well i was just going through this in my mind since i have no better work. And well i laughed silently cos i f i LOL'ed my mum ud think im physcho. Not that she doesnt already know it. But wtv's as i said. Im just babbling and i relli dun care.

Btw i was watching Snoop's fatherhood kat E! and well the david beckham episode was on. I have seen it a tons of tymes but i dont know why. I was in awe David Becham is actually HOT!! Though i still think it would have done much better for his carier if he stayed at Man U and stuff. But he's hot. The weird part was i've seen this episode tons of times.

So dats all i have to blab now.. Till next Time. And oh yeah RAFAEL is so hot!!!


C's said...

yeah, i wud marry a hot Irish guy & have hot kids on catwalks

den, i'll befriend paris hilton. Man Utd guys & live a luxury life!

Sher Lin said...

wow! that's your future???? HAHA