June 10, 2009

Manchester United Champions of Me!

Hey Hot readers,
SO yes another one of my late spazzing moments lol. Man Utd lost to Barcelona in the finals of this year’s Champions League. I have to admit it was DEVASTATING watching them play on that day till I gave up half way, went to sleep, and pray the next day’s EST was going to be easy. There’s really not much I have to complain this year because I honestly LOVE both this teams so I knew I’d be ok if Barca won but ofc I would be over the moon if Man Utd won. But what’s happen has happen. Iniesta the super dude and well the rest of the team deserved it . SO CONGRATS Barcelona!

But come on Man Utd have had a great season and try as much as you want to deny this you just can’t. They were the KRIS ALLEN’S of English football this year. When they won the world club cup and came back many were questioning Sir Alex’s decision but it paid off! From trailing behind Liverpool any just shooting up and maintaining their positions was GENIUS! Hmm so that makes 3 the Carling Cup, EPL, & the World Club Championship. This year’s team was proclaimed one of the best but they are still many holes for improvement. Berbatov needs to start getting use faster to the man U game, Vidic needs to teach the young so he won’t fumble if Ferdinand is not around, and well some other stuff I can’t remember now hehe!

So let me tell you a funny story. The next day after the game was our EST exam and since only a few of us take the test the class finally had space to breathe. Anyhow when I came into class Hsian and well the gang were making fun of Man U losing and yadaa yadaa yadaa. Arvind as usual was fighting pointlessly. All I had to say is the best team won but come on where was Liverpool? Chelsea? Arsenal? Cos I didn’t see them even in the final. So ppl unless you’re a Barcelona die hard fan not just one suddenly because they beat Man U PLEASE DON’T TALK! Just have a nice day end of story

That was all for the game and all the seasons worth now for the window transfers for next season. Man U has kept quiet this time not much drama going on at least not as much as last year. Cos as soon as Man U wants a player magically other clubs get interested too dude how stupid r u is my question go find ur own player! Ribery for example look what else is going on. I’m not even going to touch the whole Liverpool wants Tevez cos seriously for someone who claimed to be the “better” club wanting someone from well what they think is not a club which is as good as them really doesn’t make sense?! Don’t you think! LMAO is all I have to do!

Well wtv’s with that Man U needs to strengthen their MIDFIELD ppl buy Ribery already. And if Ronaldo wants to leave let him go just don’t do stupid things by letting him go and not buying anyone. Buy Ribery.. KEEP TEVEZ! Just strengthen ur MIDFIELD pleaseeeeeeeeeeee I beg you!

*Congrats MANCHESTER UNITED on yet another successive season! HANDS DOWN! Well besides Barca’s hands lol we’ll get them next year ;)
* And rooney has been a real team player and thats why we love him :)

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QM said...

Yeay!! But I'm sad that Ronaldo left cause I think Man Utd had depended on him too much. Now Alex is trying to make Tevez stay cause he's only the potential one aside from Rooney to keep Man Utd stable.