June 11, 2009

Be Nice or go bu bu Bye XD

Hey guys,

Just yesterday I got a comment from some anonymous claiming they think my English is bad and my post is too long and I don’t post often enough. Ok let me clarify myself…I get good grades in my english exams, I’m on the debate team, I represent the school for public speaking, …. not to show off but seriously. If I wanted to write grammatically right I would but I don’t want to because by writing the way I write I find it easier for people to connect with me and my emotions. My friends say they can imagine me talking to them when they read my posts and honestly that’s all I care about. This blog is mine, mine to write wtv I wish so if you’ve got comments on my writing pleaseeee check yourself out of here

* And I believe in posting when I’m only in the mood and come on wont you guys get bored of me if I blab rubbish everyday just for the sake of it

*Tip my posts are kinda long so take em’ slowly don’t view the whole thing and get freaked out cos believe me it will only take you lesser than a minute to read 1 post and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it

* I deleted the comment already guys and not because it will ill spirited but mainly because it was anonymous showing that person had no guts


Out & About,


rory said...

dude i got that too.

QM said...

You go girl! And if that arsehole shows up again, I'm gonna video myself blasting him to hell.

You're the best lawyer. I need you. LOL:D