June 11, 2009

So many Movies.. So much to RATE!

Hey guys,

I just watched Terminator and it was action packed movie. I enjoyed it but this movie left me with many questions so readers if you guys know the answers to my unsolved questions please drop a comment and feel free to answer or even give you’re theory on it

1) If Kyle Reese is John Connor’s father why don’t they share the same last name?
2) Why is Kyle Reese suddenly there as a teen? Isn’t it 2018?

These are 2 questions which I still can’t wrap my mind around. Anyways I’ve seen Night at The
Museum 2, Hannah Montana, Wolverine, and now Terminator so here are the rankings so by.


Now I want to catch 17 Again, Transformers, & Harry Potter’s latest instalment. After these I will repost a new list

Wolverine is leading because come on who doesn’t love a wolverine! It had a good storyline, filled with action, was touching, really explained the origins of wolverine, brought in all time X-men fav’s that haven’t had screen time such as Gambit and Deadpool and Sabretooth. I’m telling you even if you’re not an X-men person this movie will explain it all. The hot guys that act in it don’t hurt the eyes too GAMBIT and Ryan Reynolds and not forgetting Hugh Jackman gosh someone call 911!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

Terminator was a lot of fun as well I loved the part where Marcus head butted those dudes so cool. Lol. Hannah Montana was really a shocker it is truly a feel good movie and not just a girly girly giddy movie. Not everything is about Lucas Till boys…. Hehehe. Night at the Museum 2 was funny and well funny. A good movie for laughs but the plot line was a bit dull compared to the 1st movie but I still loved it.

Out & About,


lalloya said...

kyle reese didnt marry sarah. thats y john uses sarah's last name

QM said...

hahaha. Wolverine. I vote for Ghost Rider! HAHAHAH:D

I haven't watch as many movies as you have. But I want to watch Terminator, 17 again and Hannah Montana so badly....

ARGH!!! Harry Potter!!!

rory said...

very insightful alliya. im still waiting for arry pot er! man. its such a pain to wait!