July 19, 2009

My baby for life MANCHESTER UNITED!

Hey guys,
Guess what!!!! Yesterday I watched Manchester United play against Malaysia and the day before I watched them train thanks to Lina! (Love u lots) Before I proceed just have to say how much I was disappointed that VIDIC (which is my favourite player long before people even started noticing him) didn’t come. I was already ready to paint signs and banners to greet him… kinda planned to jump over to the field. So yeap I was sad :’(

Training :
Anyways I went to the training with Lina (Chelsea fan but seriously who wants to miss the chance to see English football that we both are oh so crazed bout). We went and the stadium which was quite literally packed just to see the red devil’s train. We stood the entire time to get a better view and shouted, did the Mexican wave, sang part of Glory Glory Man Utd. and shouted
more. It was so cool cos I think we stood in the more “sporting” section of fans.

Johnny Evans was oh so hot hehehe lina thinks so too then again footballers on literal are very hot! Hmmm saw all the team mates even VAN DER SAR!!! YEAY! The best part was when Rooney came everyone was shouting ROONEY! ROONEY! ROONEY! Including me and I know why we did so because after Tevez and Ronaldo left he was still with us it showed his loyalty and for that WE MAN UNITED FANS LOVE HIM from the bottom of our hearts basically!!!

I really hoped there was going to be a fan meet session but after seeing the crowd I kinda knew it was pretty impossible. Watching the training session got me all pumped up to watch the game so check my next post for what went on in the stadium game! It was 2 die 4 XD

*I need to watch/see vidic b4 I die

Glory!Glory!Man United,
Shanya ;)


rory said...

tee heee omg jonny evans was like ahhh and then even darren fletche (i knw) looked hot.

Shanya said...

Hahaha EVANS hot.. fletcher tak lah tapi masa main semua hot :)