July 19, 2009

Manchester United vs Malaysia XI !!!!!

Hey hot ppl,

Ok now for the game part. Me, my dad, annoying younger sis, sadezsh and haemmesh (cousins) left at 1:30 and reached there 2 something. It was already packed with fans shouting singing and sharing one thing in common the love for football and Manchester United. We had to queue up outside the violet gate cos they didn’t let us in till 3 something. My dad the genius cut line and began chatting with this friendly Chinese man about football duh cos he let my dad cut him nice man really :) There were quite a lot of foreigners as well.

When they finally let us in we scrambled in to get one of the better seats where we had a clear view of the game. Then when Ben Foster came out to train the crowd went bezerks well they went bezerks for even the officials so you can only imagine how they were for the player. Awhile later Van Der Sar joined Foster and the crowd went triple crazy for him. God Van Der Sar is one hell of tall and really nice cos he came to each side and clapped hehe. People were doing the waves over and over then the whole team came out and again everyone went W.I.L.D!!! People were chanting Rooney! That was the pre-game to start hype like no other !

The game started I was one of those that was shouting for no reason. Rooney scored the first goal that was awesome…then Nani hit one in later on getting Nani fans MAD I tell u! Then Malaysia scored a beautiful first goal against Van Der Sar and I was amazed with it. The beauty of it all was through thick and thin Man Utd fans all of us are … seeing Malaysia score made us proud. Nani did his whole somersault after scoring sending the crowd mad did I mention that lol. A bunch of Indonesian guys that were sitting behind me were yelling FARIZAL Farizal!!! Who was Malaysia’s petite yet skillful goalie I had to admit. First half ended 2-1 to Man U.

Second half saw Ben Foster coming in to replace Van Der Sar. Malaysia scored again by the same person though this time it was mainly Foster’s fumble and the crowd including me went W.I.L.D again. It didn’t matter cos we were MALAYSIAN and it was a shock for everyone mainly because we expected them to get thrashed. UNBELIEVABLE! Then Ferguson asked 4 players to warm up cos he was going to send em’ in… Fabio,Brown,Owen and one more whose name is slipping in my mind now. Anyways they were warming up in front of my place it was crazy I tell u we all went crazy.

A quite old Caucasian man stood up and yelled “OWEN I LOVE YOU!!!” and we all cheered him! When the players were substituted in the crowd went wild for OWEN I was one of them yelling “OWEN LOVE YOU!” The game was in a draw and it was a nail biting session cos I wanted united to win lol. Then Ferguson asked Macheda and Giggs to come out to stretch and again the stretched in our side we were yelling our lungs off… and MACHEDA waved at us and we waved back!!!! Ahhhh he waved at me lol! Then Owen scored the final goal in superb style… making it his first for Man Utd. Ending the game in a 3-2 to Man Utd! WUhoot!!!

Nani throwed his jersey though not at my side and it was really a good experience watching them play Live! Loved every minute of it the whole bonding with strangers over one common love was way cool! Missing Vidic still but at least one of my to-do list have been checked which is watching Man Utd on home ground :D And I think I’m in love with Macheda XD


**Rooney we Love u!


Ur No. 1 Fan,



rory said...

whose that in the pic? alaa post la pics of the match

Shanya said...

Down is Macheda :) And up is Owen :) Match pic semua gan my uncle grrrr