June 10, 2009

Kris Allen wins American Idol NO BOUNDARIES is his!

Hey Guys,

Firstly I’m sorry for not updating my blog for well what seems like an ages. And those of you very very sweet people that still follow my blog are just “bellisimo”. Anyways as we all know by now KRIS ALLEN!!! Was the winner of American Idol 09’. Yes this is a blog spazzer since this news was so last century but what’s not so last century is Adam Lambert’s declaring his sexuality on Rolling Stone and also admitting to having a “crush” on one of the idol contestants! Come on guess with me now….. Who’s the best looking in this year’s AI? Who’s the good guy that exudes cute, hot , sexy?? Honestly if you don’t know stop scratching your head because it’s KRIS ALLEN! Duh! So there goes it Adam Lambert and his well sexuality. My verdict on that is good for him on coming out with it and still maintaining that oh so sexy hair. I’m not going to post on him I’m just gonna post on KRIS ALLEN my fav!!

Kris has been the dark horse since the beginning something like maybe David Cook you could say just that this year the term “dark horse & underdog” went to a whole new level on IDOL. From early Adam Lambert was practically already a winner. What with his old-glam rock style and mad house performances even a diehard Kris alleny like me had to admit. All me and Lina could wish for was at the very least Kris Allen got to the final. Cos as we all know once you’re in the final you’re sure to have a record and I really wanted him to make it. But wow when he won me and lina were shouting our asses of on the phone ofc but it was WOAH! So this years Falling Slowly, No Boundaries, Heartless, Ain’t No Sunshine, Remember The Time, Man in the Mirror, She Works Hard for the Money KRIS ALLEN was the AMERICAN IDOL 09’.

Okay here’s where I get pissed as we all know the winner of American idol takes the winners song which this year was No Boundaries no question and it naturally becomes his song. So why the effing hell are radio stations making Kris Allen and Adam Lambert’s versions battle it out?? For their cheap thrill? Really ppl yes Adam Lambert didn’t win and he might have been the better singer but come on don’t stoop so low and do this kind of thing it is damn damn idiotic! Did this happen to David Cook’s time of my life? I don’t think so!

SO ppl face the fact Kris Allen won. Radio stations don’t be stupid play Kris Allen’s SONG… and if ppl want Adam Lambert also play his MAD WORLD! Which in opinion was genius. Come on ppl face the fact both these guys ooze talent in different ways their genres are like fire and water, and come on seriously both sides just stop fighting when their albums come out go BUY! Don’t just keep bickering but in the end download their albums illegally. Then why in the hell do you call yourself a fan!

** I love Kris Allen and he rox my sox! J Congrats Kris luv ya!

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