June 10, 2009

Happy Father's Day Papa

Hey PPL,
Sunday’s Father’s day and well since I missed posting a mother’s day post cos I was busy cleaning the house (jk) so I decided to do a Father’s Day one! :D

My dad what can I say he’s the man you could say. My dad lives by one rule studying is first and everything else is second and I hate him for this because from young its always been “Sharanya go take your book and study” but now that well I would like to think I’ve matured I understand and kinda thank him for this because when I look at ppl who don’t study at all and let their futures fly away in their faces I can’t help but think boy don’t they have a dad or mum that’s as obsessed about studies like my dad??

Though of course it’s not always that scenario unlike most people my dad is the person I go to when I have problems. Mummy is more for girls stuff but everything else dad’s the man. I have always told my dad literally everything since young any crap that happens in school to me or to other ppl that I find funny to tell HE KNOWS. Every day when I was younger when we were in the car all he had to do was ask me “So what went on in school?” and boy I would talk and talk and talk until we reached our destination. At times I might step on a fine line becos the next day I would tell my dad I wanted to go to this girl’s bday party and he would tell me wasn’t that the girl who was very mean to your friend. And well I’d have to wiggle out of that problem. You would think by then I would have learned to shut up but nope that hasn’t happen lol. So when days I keep quiet his question would change to “What went wrong in school today” and I start yapping again. Nowadays I don’t tell my dad everything literally duh (teen here) but I still blab what goes on in school like crappy teachers and stupid stuff. Hehe

My dad is also the one who got me crazily interested in football and unlike most people I watch the game for the game .. the cute guys are just an added benefit of being a girl ;) But believe me I would rather I have a conversation with a person about the game then about how cute Fabregas is ( though he is).

My dad is also the one who annoys the hell out of me and at times I feel like killing him. He is also the one that is a super genius and loves testing my IQ and drive me crazy. He is also the one who believe I listen to rubbish song with ppl screaming. He is also the one who think he’s so funny which he is unless if you’re his daughter of course. He is also the one who hates admitting he’s wrong.. a big ego kinda person like me and Lina lol so we end up fighting until he realizes he’s wrong. He is also the one who when I didn’t get that freaking A for KH made me stop crying. He is also the one who listen’s understands and gives good advice. And for ALL that reasons alone HE IS MY FATHER THE SUPERMAN or WOLVERINE ( his fav) well since its Fathers day he can’t be wtv he won’t as long he doesn’t decide to go put adamantium in himself. XD

** Happy Father’s Day APPA! I LOVE YOU..& UR THE BEST DAD IN MY EYES ( I shall but you LP’s Meteora this time )
** This way i'm surely going to be the first to wish lol!

Out & About,

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QM said...

Damn, I forgot to wish my dad. Oh well, I can't even remember the date.

awww, you're such a sweet girl.