February 6, 2009

Week worth Update

Hey guys,

Where to start where to start. I'm not very sure all i know is im feeling damp and somber today and not very cheery. This week was major tiring i simply couldnt wait for it to END already. As usual our Add Maths teacher hardly taught anything maybe cause she's busy but seriously if she doesnt start soon i might DIE! Literally! We also learned EST that was fun. But just A LITTLE BIT of fun (inside joke). Lemme fill you in with whats the inside joke okay?!

It was like this, the teacher came in ( first class for English in Science & Technology) and she gave us a paper of puzzles/ quizzes? Anyways at the top the instruction read do the puzzles below which definately promises a little bit of fun. So i made fun of it when the questions got TOO FUN ( note sarcasm) Then i noted to them that afterall the instructions did warn us saying that it only promised A LITTLE BIT of fun. NOT TOO MUCH! Get it? Oh pish posh! Me & Lina also started squealing in a super *gedik* voice the tittle of the worksheet SCIENCE & Yoooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! We were loud and i was facing this guy in my class and he was just in pure awe. Noted that he wasnt in our class last year to understand the complicated minds of Me and my physcho clan!

Another stupid incident this week, was when my friends came over. We were supposed to do our ENGLISH BOARD! But as usual we never do work when we go over to one anothers house. All we do is gossip, blab make stupid jokes and what not. So we ordered McDonalds, it was like a mission imposibble plan thanks to the complications. Thus when the food arrived we were like happy campers SQUARED. Anyways sze yan was sitting in front of me and Lina was doing/ telling a joke about how her brother farts? So sze yan SPRAYED me with coke when she couldnt control herself anymore. The victim = ME!*

** Arghhhhhh COLDPLAY is officially not coming to MALAYSIA on SUNBURST! This SUCKS!!!!

*** Khairul and Idzham have officialy left i'm gonna so miss them! GUYS WHY ARE YOU LEAVING!!!!!!

**** I feel so EMO * note to human beings dont listen to a coldplay album when you're already a tattered soul*

***** BTW thanks for following my blog guys, you guys have kickass blogs as well!

****** I LOVE the blind dude in AMERICAN IDOL! I look up to him and i'm so pissed that they didnt show his auditions this week! Bikini Girl got kicked out and that was the main focus in American Idol this week! I seriously think i will cry if the blind guy doesnt make it!

******* The picture above is not sze yan its just some random person that had a snorted coke!

Out & About,


dayana said...

omg you got sprayed on with coke? :O whoaaaa, haha and the pic is so funny!

rory said...

good times good times

QM said...

man, tht was sooo funny

i really wanted to help sze yan but I was too busy laughing!


Shanya said...

hahaha yeah i kinda did dayana but not in the pic kinda way though that wud be fun to watch. :D Good times rory? Godd times! More like me being the victim yet again times. Me too QM i wanted to help but i couldnt move!

lalloya said...

hahaha! i like dat pic shanya.
very szeyan. all lina's fault for making us laugh

keero! said...

sharan got sprayed.

Til said...

Lol, your clan sounds a lot like mine. My friend was annoying the hell out of me once so I poured this oily chocolate milk all over, and ran, of course, but she caught up with me, cause I'm so slow, and poured the rest down my head. Funny days.

That's too bad about Coldplay! They're coming where I live but I'm not such a big fan so. I'm sorry about that though.