January 30, 2009

Losing Friends 2 Gain Parents Back!

Hey guys,
Today MRSM results keluar and well i didnt apply cos i didnt want too. But my friends did 2 of them did and they GOT it. Idid say congrats to them but i'm sad REAL sad. I dont know why
but here are some basic fond memories of them.
Idzham - Yes this dude was the noisiest on the block during Form 1 used to despise him cos he made so much of noise and was sitting behind me. But later on i simply found him very funny and nice to talk too. Form 2 he got less noisier but he had this"THING" hahah. He thought of himself as half BRAD PITT and TOM CRUISE and mix em together you get HYM! He even wrote it on his cup during class party! Form 3 he got even less noisier yet always a nice person! Idzham now you better make sure you follow my blog and comment a lot!

Khairul- Yes this guy never in a million years would i have guessed i would have been sad to get this pest from my face. Hahahah. Yes khairul you get on my nerves everyday but yet your a gr8 fren and a funny person to talk to. When ur sane! This dude has been the party go-er for the whole 3 years i know him. Though these days he seems to get more shy by the second really dont quite get that KHAIRUL. Anyways LONG LIVE KHAIRUL!!! PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST!
You too remember to update ur blog and comment on myne!

Now for my parents. Who if yall didnt know already went to PARIS and LONDON! For 2 weeks leaving me and my sis to rot at home. Well they are coming back home tomorrow noon. Honestly i hope they have tons of presents or not their so not forgiven! Hhahha well mostly! But i do kinda miss them but my hectic life as a super student doesnt allow me to fully miss them. But i WANT ME GOODIES !!!!

** Khairul honestly never in a million years would i have thought i would be sad if u left! hahaha
*** I'm so gonna miss two of the above!
**** Thank gawd alliya tak dpt :P hahahhah
***** Parents i want ME GOODIES !

Out & About,


A. K. said...

That's a sweet post. Am sure your mom and dad will bring you lots of goodies. Reading your blog remind me of my school days!!

idzy said...

haha..sedih ar bler tgk post ni..

rasa lawak bila kenang balik old times..haha

and yeah..ill never forget BJ :)

ps: omg LONDON & PARIS


Shanya said...

Im really hoping they do A.K. and tnx :) Idzham im gonna so miss u guys!!!!!! Dont u dare forget US! An imagine how i felt when they said london and paris and i wasnt included! Alaaaaa i still hope bnyk goodies though! :)

Til said...

What's MRSM? Very sweet post. That's pretty cool how your parents went to London and Paris together!

keero! said...

thnx shran.
so sad nk tinggal kn u guys but i have to go. lol.

thnx sharan for being my frens.

Shanya said...

Well Til its kinda cool but totally annoying that they left me! Hahhah! MRSM are goverment boarding schools situated around malaysia Its for students after their standard 6 gov exams and form 3 gov exams. Students in malaysia usually have to apply if they want it but well i didnt not into leaving the city life! ahhahah :D

Shanya said...

Alaaaa khairul dont worry we will totally miss your noise! hahahaha GO FOR IT just make sure kalau holidays we have lambda activities like the badminton hari tu! :'(

Til said...


But I don't leave in one.

Boring suburban life for me.

Came to ask why you took your new post down? I haven't even read it yet!

Shanya said...

I took it down because weird ppl started following my blog eventhough my post was innocent as hell though the tittle was dramatic :D hahaha

lalloya said...