January 29, 2009

Badminton or CRACKMINTON

Hey guys,
Today morning me and my sis went to my aunts house for a prayer turn to tea party. Anyways i was praying it wouldnt rain i mean after the amount of drama that i had to handle the least i could get was to play a match. Anyways as usual being the partygo-er i am i arrived at 5:30 which was the time i set the game for but alliya and lina thought i was late as usual they were too early. (I'm always FASHIONABLY on time)

Badminton was cool but we couldnt play as long as we would have liked cos it did eventually rain but i think we managed a solid hour or more within that time. Anyways little kids did attack me like majorly but it wasnt my fault they had a PROBLEM who cares! So apparently Khairul forgot his mini-skirt so he couldnt do cheerleading and ended up playing as well. Note to khairul dont forget your Mini's next time!

Anyhow later on when me and faisal went against Divya, Amirul and and Muiez i had to agree Me and Faisal were much better though Faisal did seem like he was on Crack maybe thats why we were good seeing as i had 20 Shots yesterday and he was on crack. On the whole it was a good plan and good game( though alliya was dressed for football and i was from a part)

* We should do this more often guys
** Lina & Alliya got major stuff to tell that tak sempat tadi
*** QM i did try calling yah! hahahah
**** Sigh i have to do all my homework esok
***** My parents are coming bak from London on Saturday evening (i want goodies)
Out & About,


QM said...

hahaha! no drama);

but Rainbow was thr!! alaaa!!!


Shanya said...

Hhahaha poor thang!!!

lalloya said...

yeah qm rainbow passed us.
n shanya wat do we hav to tell u abt?

Shanya said...

No wat i have to tell you guys about....

keero! said...

yeah i luv badminton too.
sry dh balek awl x sempat nk main.
haha. btw i'm enjoy td walaupon ade sedikit malu.

Shanya said...

Hhahha dont fret where theres sharanya theres FUN!

Til said...

LOL, CRACKMINTON. Love the title.
Fashionably on time, lol.

Shanya said...

Tnx :)