January 29, 2009


Hey guys,

Today im goin to lay this issue of my chest RACISM. My friend QM has touched this many times seeing as she is half malay- half chinese. Im an Indian and yes i have had racism comments aimed at me. My note to all THOSE ppl look in the mirror before you jude anyone else simply cos no matter what colour your ass mayB your heart is still the pitchest of black! Point here is god created every being with their own reason and specialities so no matter what people might say everyone is God's creation. So learn to respect others and to those who think their colours mean the world to them F.Y.I your head is way shallow so get it checked. Yes you should not stereotype people because doesnt mean one person is like that the whole bunch is the same! Just saying! I have always blended in with friends from various races and right now three of my frens are malays and one is chinese (close circle). But i know people dont think i'm in their "gang". WHY? I know why and you know what its a stupid stupid reason. Heres it Because I'm An INDIAN! Wow shocker huh? NAWT MUCH! So racist ppl of the world just STOP and look at urselves okay?!

Today i also wanna raise my opinion on being a Gay or Lesbian. People always make this such a big deal and all but heres my opinion its NAWT. I may not be gay but i just dont seem to understand why people treat this people like total weirdo's. I mean its their life choice not exactly ours and in my opinion being a Thief, Rapist, and what else are much much worse than being Gay or Lesbian. Take note that once again its another person's life choice for example : Would you want a fish-o-fillet or McChicken?! Are you into pop or rock?! Get what i mean?

* People should stop and live in HARMONY stop RACISM!
** Everyone is gods creation and everyone should be treated equally!

Out & About,


A. K. said...

Cool! We should not discriminate people by the sex, color or whatever..
Great post. Loved reading it...

Shanya said...

Exactly my point! Tnx!

QM said...

Cheers, sharan! totally agreed!
but hey, dnt write too sensitive

cause if u gt into jail, then me??? i need a lawyer!
ahhahaa, jk la :P

racist ppl kiss my arse!

Shanya said...

Hahahah sure QM just had to lay that off my chest!
Racist ppl kiss my arse as well!

lalloya said...

true, true

rory said...

spot on mate. i feel ya. word :D

keero! said...

sharan so cool you can write like this.
nice post.

Shanya said...

Tnx guys! Its just me lepasing my daily geram much!