January 2, 2009

Blog Awards

Hey guys,

First of all thanks QM for giving my Man Utd blog the award! I'm not sure how this works but this are my top 4 blog that I LOVE to go to!

1) Qm's My flip Flap Tales - http://www.qmthelunatic.blogspot.com/

2) Lina's Blogger to Hell - http://www.nurlinashah.blospot.com/

3) Najiha Hakim's Her Inner Thoughts - http://www.najihahakim.blogspot.com/

4) Diamond's My Pretty Pink Blogette - http://www.myprettypinkblogette.com/

**you guys have gr8 blogs and if you see ur name above then feel free to list ur own fav blogs at ur own blog!! And pass on this award!!!

out & about,



rory said...

thnk u for the second best
eventhough my blog is so lame

Shanya said...

hahaha its all the same actually all are my favs equally accidentaly wrote the numbers so used to it! hahahah and ur blog is gr8!

Najihah Hakim said...

mine is 3rd!hehe
love you loads!

Shanya said...

once again its all gr8 equally. Love all the blogs for different reasons and welcome. Love you loads as well :))