January 14, 2009

Tv Shows (Heroes & Supernatural & 90210 & Gossip Girl)

Number 1 totally SUPERNATURAL then Heroes though heroes seems to be fading by seasons!!
so not cool! Gossip girl thanks too QM!!! hehehe!!! And 90210 is just fun!
*** guilty TV watching pleasures!
out and about,


Til said...

Heroes IS fading by the season. I wrote a post about how crappy season 3 is on my blog (http://inilit.blogspot.com/2009/01/im-living-in-season-in-past.html). Nice to know other people think it's becoming shit too. I never liked Gossip Girl and 90210 looked like another Gossip Girl but I like Supernatural.

Shanya said...

SUpernatural rocks and heroes seems to not be doing so and its gettign crappy i totally agree!